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Anyone here installed Brunswick Sync scoring system? I'd like some feedback about your experience

We'll be upgrading our scoring system this summer and we are seriously considering Sync from Brunswick. We have been using Qubica Conqueror for more than 15 years, but we need to upgrade.  We run and FEC with bowling, billiards, lasertag, restaurant, banquet rooms and 3 bars (equipped with liquor and draft beer controls),  We need everything to be integrated into one POS system and an online resevation and sales platform.

I know Sync is recent and probably still has issues to be ironed out, I would very much like to ear about them beforehand. If you prefer to contact me privately please write at

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Hi, i dont have the answer but can tell you have been in the industry for some time. maybe can give me some advise...

looking to open a bowling center in panama city Panama. what are the steps to go about it and who do you recommend for helping to make it all happen, meaning the right Bowling lanes, right decor,arcade mix,etc.



You question is broad. I'll tell you what I did when I was in your situation over 10 years ago. I made sure to attend Bowl Expo (it is in June), participate in every seminars there, talk to every suppliers in every booths, meet has many proprietors as I could.  When I got back, I got involved in the local owners association. I attended industry meetings (bowling summit, etc.) and read every industry publications whether bowling or attractions in general.  I went on to attend IAAPA every November.  After a year you'll be more informed than most current owners.  I found the most successful owners happen to be more involved in these activities, so that is the fastest way to meet them.

Hope it helps.

Hi Normand, your response is better that the expected one. You are right, i tend to want to find the practical (shorter route) but the trade shows and publications ,etc  will yield to all answers. 

thanks and best regards,


We are install SYNC right now. We'll be done with the install in 5 day.

After a few months, how do you feel about the Sync system?

What system were you using before? How many lanes you have?

Do you only use the bowling game part of it or have you installed the online reservation module by Meriq, the POS for food and Bev, or the payroll module for time and attendance?

Have you experience a total failure situation?  Any down time?

Thank you

We had Framworx. We're a 16 lane center. We do not use the online reservations, nor do we use the payroll module. I love the pos for food and beverage. We had a single twin tran before for our old pos and now have an ip tran for all four of our tills. Not a fan of the back end of that but it's not a huge deal. We've been up and running fine since the install. We've had a few small issues pop up, but Brunswick tech support is nothing short of fantastic. If you would like to talk further, feel free to call me at 715-536-9405.

Hello Normand,

Did you see this interactive bowling lanes? What do you think?

Best Regards,


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