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If you have not yet caught the show on SPIKE TV "Bar Rescue" with host Jon Taffer, then start watching it and as I suggested to all my managers they need to watch it every Sunday evening, or record the show for later viewing..........


While the Jon Taffer does come on strong, he and his staff of experts point out issues with these bars that are inherently wrong and create problems with F & B operations.


Even if your think your F & B operations are perfect, the lessons pointed out will serve to validate your direction 

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Daniel is absolutely correct. Bar Rescue is a great show. It's almost like watching an educational seminar each week.

The advise given can be used by any Food and Beverage operation. The tips on actual bar operation, management and mixology can be used by each one of us.

Jon Taffer as a BowlExpo seminar speaker? It's a thought.

Next suggestion: How about a Bowling Center Rescue show?

I like your idea about having Jon Taffer as a speaker at Bowl Expo......


I also like your idea for a bowling center rescue program, doubt most TV viewers would be interested, but we probably could set up an industry task force of operators in different regions across the US & Canada that could act as mentors, trainers and observers.


Of course this really leads back to something I have mentioned before and the BPAA is working towards and that is better communications and interaction between operators to help each of us improve our centers...


On a side note about the show...... Many Many times over my career I have popped a blood vessel watching bartenders pour away the draft beer foam...... but never would have though about putting a sign on the taps "SAVE THE FOAM" that bar owner was a real winner............... 

Along those same lines Daniel, I've recently been watching a lot of Gordan Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmare shows. It is amazing how some of this businesses are still in business. From a customer service standpoint along with relationships within the business to understanding your customers.


These shows can provide invaluable (and almost FREE!) training. Thanks for pointing this show out as I have not heard of it. I'll be sure to check it out.

And thank you,, I usually don't watch Gordan Ramsey because of the show where he yells and screams at would be chefs but if there is something to be learned, then I'm sure I can handle him... LOL besides as you point out its FREE training


Well, I won't say he doesn't do that, but this is more about a whole restaurant business in different cities. It's worth a shot.

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