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Bowling does not make the cut for Tokyo 2020

It has been a long and difficult path trying to get Bowling into the Olympic Games. The world of bowling needs to come together and continue to push to be in the games. It is so important for the youth of our sport to have a chance to be Olympic champions.


LAUSANNE, September 28 – Following the announcement of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Committee (TOC) this morning, World Bowling is saddened to announce that the sport of bowling has not been recommended for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Although this is a big disappointment, World Bowling fully respects the TOC’s decision and believes that bowling’s time to join the Olympic Movement will come sooner rather than later. The process undergone over the past few months was valuable and tangible recommendations will be taken away to strengthen the sport of bowling in the future.

President Kevin Dornberger said “It was a great opportunity to have been considered as one of the final eight sports from the initial list of 26. For World Bowling this remains a huge milestone in pursuing our Olympic quest and we believe that this has laid the foundations for a brighter future ahead.

The process has made our sport grow stronger and we have learned some invaluable lessons from working on our campaign. While we may not have been successful this time, we will continue to develop our sport worldwide. As part of our Bowling World Plan, we have many initiatives still to be implemented such as fostering and encouraging the development of youth participation, especially for girls. We strongly believe that this will result in increasing the worldwide recognition of our sport. The brightest days of bowling are ahead of us!”

World Bowling representatives at Tokyo 2020's IF Interviews in August earlier this year Photo: Tokyo 2020 - Ryo Ichikawa

World Bowling representatives at Tokyo 2020’s IF Interviews in August earlier this year
Photo: Tokyo 2020 – Ryo Ichikawa

Along this journey World Bowling has received so much support from fans, athletes. This outpour of support has strengthened the bowling community and inspired new generations of athletes. We would like to thank all of the supporters for their commitment to the sport of bowling and of course we thank the TOC and wish them the very best for what we are certain will be excellent Olympic Games in 2020.

World Bowling will be welcoming a number of exciting events in the coming years including the Women’s World Championships in Abu Dhabi in 2015 and the 2016 World Youth Championships and 2016 World Singles Championships.

The sports to be recommended to the International Olympic Committee for inclusion in the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo are baseball/softball, karate, roller sports, sport climbing and surfing.

For further information, please contact:

World Bowling Megan Tidbury, PR & Marketing Director

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Skateboarding a sport? its a recreational activity..

Bowling is an acknowledged sport with millions of participants across the entire globe every single week, with no ambiguity on a winner. most pins. And it blends into the Paralympics beautifully. Its not technical scoring on someones skateboard uniform or how there hair flicks doing a 720 ollie.  Perhaps roller bowling may stand a chance with the IOC. Give that X factor.. in 2024

Rock Climbing! is challenging and sometimes dangerous. but sport?  far out, lawn mowing is an outdoor event too.

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