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what the goals are:
  • Provide an incentive to bowlers to bowl in established sanctioned leagues through the complete season.
  • Encourage expansion of league participation.
  • Ensure fairness and equity to bowlers of all abilities.
  • Increase permanent participation in the sport.
  • Offer cash payouts on a DAILY basis, with the potential of cash payouts in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  • Provide Proprietors with additional incentives to stay in the industry and improve and expand their facilities.
  • Demonstrate to industry leaders that new ideas and old concepts can come together to offer a totally new bowling experience within their industry.
How I am trying to achieve these goals?:
  1. Design a tournament that is linked to league bowling whose format would excite bowlers of all skill levels.
  2. It should ultimately include bowlers from all over the World.
  3. It would run on a daily basis.
  4. It would merge technology with traditional sports participation.
  5. It would rethink traditional means of scoring and team making.

so how do we achieve this?:

I think one way might be to add some energy to USBC sanctioned bowling events. I have created a tournament that runs on a daily basis, with multiple event types that is in proof of concept format that demonstrates how this can be done. Please look at the webpage It is free to play, requires no downloading, but does use your USBC ID. If you like or dislike the concept please add to the discussion. Tell your friends if you like it. 

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