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Does Your Center Actively Take Bowling Reservations?

I'm interested in knowing if your center encourages the general public to make reservations for lanes?

I believe most do for birthday parties, group events etc. but what about for open play, public bowling?

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Great topic Rob. I review dozens of calls each week for my client centers as a part of our merchant coupon program. Most of the calls I listen to really should result in the center staff suggesting the caller reserve lanes.

Imagine all of those hot phone call sales lead getting converted into an online (or over the phone) reservation that required a small non-refundable deposit.

I could see the reservation system being used live in the center as a wait list too. Deposits required there as well. Customers would have visibility on the wait from their smart phones. The system could send an email or text when the reservation was almost at the top of the list.

If the customer does not show within 10 minutes, the next available reservation gets processed. At the end of the night any missed reservation deposits are kept. Seems like a win-win.

I look forward to the replies to learn about what's working.

We have advertised for twelve years that we ALWAYS take phone reservations for open play lanes and our Glow sessions.

To my knowledge we are the only Center in the metro area that consistently does this.

Our annual lineage runs about 20-25% higher than the national average and that, along with tournaments that contribute about 9% of business and leagues that are at least flat the past two years are parts of the reasons why...

Steve Mackie

Tenpins & More

Rio Rancho, NM

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