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It is sad to see the passing of bowling legend Don Carter. Not only was Don one of the all time greats, the Don Carter chain of bowling centers really were the talk of the industry and set the stage for the new age of bowling centers.

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Can anyone share photos and stories about the Legendary Don Carter?

First time I met Don was at BPAA Bowl Expo in 1994. San Francisco, I think. Quite a gentleman.


Here's one of my all time favorite ads with Don Carter and Miller Lite Beer.



Here's a video showing the softer side of Don Carter and his wife. Thanks for the link, Rob McNaughton!

Here's a story IBI ran in Sept 2007, describing the Business side of Don Carter.


Scott, that's a great read and a great article by the way.

Don was correct when he stated that bowling had missed the boat by not providing more bowling lessons and instruction.

The industry needs to re-kindle this concept. If we do not teach people how to bowl, how can we expect them to participate ineven a socially/recreational competitive environment.

Many people will comment during and after a lesson " I didn't have any idea that there was so much to learn about bowling."


Great article about Don Carter. He was my idol grwoing up. I remember the desk person at the center where I bowled would let me use a Don Carter glove that someone had left. I was only 9 or10. It was way to big and flopped around my hand,but I thought I was Don Carter out on the lanes. The article hit it right on the head about giving lessons to our bowlers. Too many independent owners and chains have lost touch with their customers needs. They don't ask for help they just quit. 

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