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Dress codes at bowling centers have made the news lately, and not in a complementary way. The word ‘racist’ has been hurled in more than one of these reports questioning dress codes or complaining about them.
Do you think dress codes at centers are reasonable? What should they be? Do you
have one?

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By dress code are you referring to a customer dress code or employee, or both? Regardless the answer is yes, certainly our employee dress code is more stringent we try to blend safety, professionalism and a relaxed comfortable appearance for our staff.

As to our customers we follow the basics, shirt and shoes (and of course the rest of the outfit); we do not allow shirts that have profanity printed on them or objectionable images, we do not permit pants to be worn below the waist for safety of the individual and comfort of other customers

As with all our polices we look to serve the greater good of our business, allowing people to act or dress in a manner which offends or chases other customers out of our centers is counterproductive to the business, this is not a racist position, this is just a good business policy
You caught me, Daniel. I was referring to dress codes for customers. Have you had any pushback from customers about your code?

Like anything else we do there is always some initial negative reaction from some customers, but as you know we must stay focused on the bigger picture (greater good) and understand that there is no backing down for any reason.

Our policies are reasonable and fair and truly have everyone's best interest in mind and it has been our experience that well over 90% of our customers agree and appreciate the policies.

Of course the real challenge in making sure that our managers and MOD's (manager on duty) continue to support and enforce the policy at all times, otherwise you open yourself up for unneeded criticism
Proprietors are now becoming nightclub operators. With Cosmic Bowling so popular and bowling lounges sprouting up in every major city, dress codes become inevitable. Night Clubs use dress codes to keep out the rif raf and matain their upscale and classy feel. Girls love to dress up and the men have to follow suit. In most instances, dress codes are no baggy jeans, no hats, no ripped clothing, etc... If your center does glow or cosmic and you gave a full service bar it inly makes since to have an 18 and up night! The bar sales could increase that bottom line!

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