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Establish a Nationwide "Help Wanted" for Returning Military

I think it would be a great idea if we as an industry could establish an website with a list of job openings across the country that could be accessed by our military personal, many of these young men and women will be returning to their homes without the prospect of a job.

Perhaps IBI or BPAA or both could establish a website for this purpose, this would help bowling centers find quality people and offer a service to our service men and women

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Not bad idea :-), and also not hard to realize. Only one problem could be administrating this site because of amount of information there. As i said good idea.

Thanks, since first posting this the troops have returned from Iraq and I'm sure not all those young men and women came home to jobs. I also read were returning vets are more likely to have problems readjusting to civilian life if they don't have a job and/or a future 

Im big fan of bowling around the world, i made few projects to help industry so i really think about it, to help also with your idea. Sorry for my english im from middle europe :-)

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