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FEC Success Seminar hosted by Amusement Products


Fall Show: Sept. 22th & 23th, 2015

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If you want to learn how to take your dream and turn it into a successful opening day, the FEC Success Seminar is the right place to start!  Hosted by Amusement Products in Chattanooga, Tennessee, if you are thinking about starting a new Family Entertainment Center or adding to one, the best way to make good business decisions is to learn from experts who have helped start hundreds of centers before you start yours.
By assembling over ten different industry experts to instruct you, the FEC SUCCESS seminar has assembled the most experienced and diversified group of experts to cover a broad range of topics.   Starting with attraction designs, attraction mix, space requirements, feasibility studies and basic park plan ideas, we also have seminars on finding funding, writing business plans, operations hiring and training and other important business preparation topics.
Once we cover the basics, we will move into information that both new and existing operators will appreciate.  Experts will cover the trends in their areas of expertise.  What is hot and what is fading as well as what might be a fad.  Helping you avoid costly mistakes is one of the reasons we have brought together such a wide array of experts.  These Experts include:

1) Dutch Magrath President of Amusement Products: The leading innovator in electric go karts, bumper cars, miniature golf design, batting cages and much more!

2) Dorman Spencer, President of Bowling Equipment.US-  a BPAA Hall of Fame member and a 30+ year leading bowling expert
3) Embed Swipe card systems-  20+ years in the most advanced cash control systems in the industry
4) George Speakman and Paul Jones, Shaffer Distributing. Helping clients obtain TRACTION in their new business.

5) Johnnie Stringfield, owner Sir Goony Golf of Knoxville, 20+ year operator in the FEC industry

6) Kyle Galle, Zone Systems, the leading supplier of Laser Tag equipment
7) Nancy Rockhill, Creative works, a leading laser tag arena design and build firm
8) John Denham, VP of Amusement Products, the most knowledgeable person in Electric Go Kart development and bumper cars in the industry
9) Armando Lanuti, Party Center Software, a 10+ year veteran of the laser tag industry and now with the leading on line Birthday Party Scheduling Company
10) Ryan Gillenwater, Keystone Insurance, a leading FEC insurance company 

Not just for new startups, during the show, you get to find out some of the newest and most exciting innovations in the FEC industry.  Amusement Products will cover their IAAPA award winning Thunder Volt electric go karts and Spin Zone Bumper cars.  We will also reveal new innovations that won't be released to the rest of the world until the November IAAPA show.  Having won three "BEST NEW FEC ATTRACTION" awards in the last five years from IAAPA, the FEC Success Seminar is the only place to learn about the exciting things we will be releasing for next year! 
In addition, other leading suppliers will reveal some of the greatest new innovations in their areas of expertise as well! What's more, during the ‘hands on" portion of the seminar, you will get to experience yourself what can make the attractions so exciting for your future customers by trying out Amusement Products fantastic products for yourself.  This is the best way for you to see why what Amusement Products offers will help you generate more money.
Lastly, you will also get to see how many of the attractions are made during the plant tour at Amusement Products, the world's most diversified FEC manufacturer.  Participants from around the world have attended these two day events and leave well informed and able to make intelligent choices when making decisions related to Feasibility. Financing, Zoning. Design. Construction and Attractions. 17 Shows and many successful operators have proven the effectiveness of learning from our experts.


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