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Looking to exchange successful program ideas with others. Have some good ones but needing some fresh promotions. Thanks.

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Great Idea, Roger. Did you know you can upload files in this forum? Check this flyer out for a sports club promotion we do in So CA. Scott


I didn't realize this could be done, I think an open exchange of fliers and concepts would (should) be very valuable to everyone.... I'll look into our marketing files and see what we have.... Thanks Ron

Thought I would post 2 that we have had nice success with. I would also send out the fyler in their published format for people to change to meet their needs.


Hey This is really cool! I'll add our Tunes & Ten Pins Flyer and maybe more later


I'm going to upload files for Park Lanes in KC.  We work with a WONDERFUL graphics person and she helped Jason and them with some beautiful Rack Cards.  We love these cards because they look very professional and they are inexpensive to print in a 4 color high gloss look which to me looks so much better than a black and white flyer printed on color paper! 

Wonder why my files didn't upload? 


I have a proof of concept running a daily tournament using the scores that league bowlers post from actual games rolled. The concept is located at I have developed to the point my skills will take me. I need someone who is willing to take it over who has the resources and IT dept to improve it and  to market it to Bowlers everywhere. Much of the proceeds can be used to support Youth Bowling. Would like feedback on the concept. This concept has the potential of rejuvenating the Industry by increasing linage and improving League Bowling participation. You may contact me directly by sending a message through this site. Thank you. Jim Yeatrakas

Oh yeah, that reminds me, we also have a great 2-sided Rack Card that we made for Play Therapy.


One of the fun flyers we get good feedback about.


This is a great idea Ronald!

Beth you are so right!  One more thing to note is that a promotion requires more then just the flyer or the rack card.  In the past all we had to do was post the flyer or poster up in the center and put copies out at the lanes and that was it.  Today we have to do more, like put our promotions on facebook, you tube, our website, etc. I have attached a copy of one of our promotions and you will see we provide you with banners and tiles for website and social media applications.  We every promotion we design we basically give you 6-8 different elements that are sized to fit your needs.

I would love to offer anyone this promotion and all of it's elements for FREE!  Simply let me know what you would like the offer to be and I will have my team of designers customize the promotion to fit your center. 


Soon we will be offering two FREE promotions to every bowling center every single month.  I will give you all some more information in the coming days, for now let me know what your offer is and I will be more then happy to get your customize promotion done immediately. 


Here some more of the same promotion for you to view....


I like this Ronald!!

Ronald Nichols said:

One of the fun flyers we get good feedback about.

Hi Guys, im Andrew and our company world Interbowl limited have been in development for the past few years to bring the very latest technology to the bowling industry. We are launching this product called ‘Salpin’ in the spring. The Salpin

system allows people to play bowling in their local bowling centre against someone else such as friends and family in another remote location. You can see one another on the Salpin monitor placed in each bowling centre and talk and hear one another through a wireless headset when in different states, or even a different country. Through the Salpin system you can see your opponents approach, watch their pins fall as well as see their score. Your opponent can see you doing exactly the same in your centre. It is as if you are bowling in the same centre. This technology is patented worldwide and is only available through World Interbowl Limited.This is going to be great for drawing new customers as well as serving your existing ones! salpin has many aspects to list here but please read our leaflet attached or visit for info. Thanks Andy


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