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Jim broght back the ideas from mubig meeting: 


Mothers Day and Fathers day makeover, and a deserving kid contest.

This would be set up so people can write in and nominate a friend or teammate that deserves a make over.


I think this would be good for our blog. We can get customers to post and others to read. So hopfully we would build interaction on the blog. We have a banner of house ads (call to actions) we use to sell on our blog pages.  


Somehow have people write in a nomination, post on our website and through the social media. Prizes will be hair and makeup, or man's shave and massage, everyone gets bowling shirt, ball, bag and shoes.



Details that are missing are:

Who will judge

What will they judge on

How do we get people to participate

How can I maximize our interaction with our readers and participents?  - read blog, buy from our site, reserve online, awarness, good will. ???


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