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Hello Everyone, 

I have created a site anyone who runs tournaments can put them on 1 site for all to find. There are benefits for the hosts as well as the bowlers. If you have used facebook, your website, twitter, or any of those you are not reaching everyone you can. The best part is this is all Free for bowlers and tournament hosts, clubs or anyone who runs events. 

- Have you ever seen a listing for a tournament on Facebook only to never find it again?

- Or you see the posting for the tournament show up in your news feed 2 days after the tournaments over?

- Do you want to be notified if someone is coming to your tournament or if they back out?

- Stop scheduling tournaments that compete with others in your area on the same day - When you enter a tournament on ibowltournaments, it will warn you if there are any scheduled events within 30/60/90 miles. Whatever you set it to be. You can still schedule the tournament, this is just an informational item.

- If you have a schedule of upcoming tournaments, you can enter them all at once, the site will display them based on user preferences and allow them to enter them in their calendar with one click. 

- There is even a feature that allows you to copy your tournament so you just update info that has changed such as date/time/location/cost/num of games, format etc....

- You can upload a flyer, generate a basic one from the site, upload results. 

- The bowler can create notes, profit and loss info, upload files, stats, pictures and rank your tournaments and/or bowling center. 

- Internal messaging system to message all or individual attendees when or if something changes with your tournament.

- The site will auto archive the tournaments after they occur and users can access the information from your tournaments that they bowl whenever they wish to view notes, standings, flyers., etc.. 

- Website is currently up and running at

- Android app release date is 3/7/18 - Screenshots from android app with test data are below:

- iOS app release date is 4/2/18

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