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Racine Wisconsin Bowlers Roll Honor Scores.

The Bowlers at Castle Lanes continue to roll big in League Play! Castle is a 90% league play house with 33 week seasons in the winter & 12 week seasons in spring.

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We love our bowlers and thank them for their patronage.

Phillip Ontko
Lennie Boresch Jr. Owner of Bowler’s Choice Pro Shop
(Located inside Castle Lanes of Racine) charged into the
Wisconsin State Tournament all-event lead with a 2,201.
Rich Larsen rolled an 809 series, his 34th national
honor series, Monday night 3/22/2010 at Castle Lanes.
He had games of 278, 277 and 254 in the Castle Classic
Also in the Castle Classic, Mike Vasey rolled his
43rd career 300 game, leading of a 764 series with
the perfect game. He finished with games of 218 and
■ Friday 3/19/2010 in the Bowlers Choice League at
Castle, Al Jensen, 76, rolled a career-high 784 series on
games of 236, 279 and 269.
■ Jim Madison rolled a 300 game Thursday 3/18/2010
to highlight a 742 series in the Castle Thursday Senior Mixed
League at Castle Lanes.
■ Tuesday 3/23/2010 at Castle Lanes, John Schroeder
rolled his third national honor series of the season, an
802 in the Miller $3,000 Classic League. Schroeder had
games of 278, 268 and 256 for his 10th career 800 series.
Ryan Zagar’s junior bowling career continues
to flourish. Bowling in the Castle Majors League
Saturday 3/27/2010at Castle Lanes, he had his
second 300 of the season to highlight a 737 series.
He had his other 300 in the Junior Masters
Tournament in November.
■ Last Thursday 3/25/2010 in the Thursday Morning
Koffee Klutchers League at Castle Lanes, Erick Kissner
rolled an 824 series on games of 267, 279 and 278. It
was Kissner’s first national honor series in 30 years
of bowling and the first 800 series in the league,
which has been around since 1979.
Tuesday at Castle Lanes, 4/6/2010 John Schroeder, 37, rolled
his fourth national honor series of the season, an
810, while bowling in the V.F.W. League. All four of
his 800 series have come at Castle, two in the V.F.W.
League and two in the Miller $3,000 League, with a
high of 827.
Bowlers roll honor scores
Delbert Richards rolled his fourth 300 game in
the League 4/9/10 at Castle Lanes Friday,
leading of a 778 series with his 10th career perfect
game. Richards, 51, rolled games of 300, 267 and 211.
He also had two 800 series this season.
■ Kevin Moreno rolled 11 straight strikes, but
missed on his 12th ball and settled for a 299 game
in the Castle Courtsmen League 4/8/2010 at Castle Lanes
Wednesday. Moreno’s 299 game highlighted a 705
Jasperson rolls pair of honor scores
Jerry Jasperson doubled his pleasure at Castle Lanes
Monday night, rolling a 300 game and an 815 national
honor series in the Castle Classic League. 4/13/2010
Jasperson, 58, rolled games of 279, 300 and 236, his
10th 300 (second this year) and third 800 (first in two
Jerry Jasperson's 300 game was Castle's 50th this season. That brings the total cash paid to 300 game bowlers to $5,000 and his 815 was Castle's 24th. Cash paid to 800 bowlers $2,400. Jerry walked out of Castle Monday night with $200 cash. Way to go Jerry!
When Blowfish shot 1,290 April 5 at Castle
Lanes, it actually tied the Racine USBC Bowling
Association city record for a five-man team game.
The team comprised of Brandon Koelling (290),
Alan Blome (279), Rob May (257), Phil Ontko (257)
and Ken Schwartz (207) shot a 1,290 March 17
during the Wednesday Niters League at Castle
And like Tim Christman of Blowfish was part of
the old record of 1,281 set by Castle Lanes April 14,
2006, Ontko was Christman’s teammate on the
Castle Lanes team.
Dear Phil, :Like seeing all the high scores posted every week. I am starting a league development business. Would appreciate any input or referalls you have. Thanks, Brian Cahalan or call 509-991-7637
RBA bowler of the decade Al Zeitz Jr. threw a 300 game in the Wednesday Summer Storm League at Castle Lanes. Al finished with a 725 series. 6/2/2010

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