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Racine Wisconsin Bowlers Roll Honor Scores.

The Bowlers at Castle Lanes continue to roll big in League Play! Castle is a 90% league play house with 33 week seasons in the winter & 12 week seasons in spring.

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Castle Bowler rolls career high honor score.
Ben Mortensen, 37, just missed perfection, settling
for a 299 game in the middle of a national honor 812
series Wednesday night January 13, 2010 at Castle Lanes.
Bowling in the Castle Courtsmen League, Mortensen left
the 7-pin on the 299 game. He opened with a 258 and
closed with a 255 for his first career 800 series.
Larsen, rolls Honor score
Jim Larsen of Racine rolled a national honor 800
series in the Jester Party Animals League Saturday
January, 16, 2010 at Castle Lanes. Larsen, 44, had
games of 278, 279 and 255 for an 812 series.
It is his second 800 series.
Zwiefelhofer rolls honor series
Katie Zwiefelhofer continued her recent hot streak, rolling another national honor series in the Castle Majors League at Castle Lanes Saturday.
Zwiefelhofer highlighted her 713 series with a 289 game. It was her fourth honor series of the season.
Schroeder comes close
John Schroeder rolled a 298 game January 18th
in the Monday night Castle Classic League.
Schroeder finished with a 785 series.
To read more about Scores at Castle Lanes in Racine Wisconsin check out their new blog & forum sections at
Tuesday Night Bowlers get Hot. Tuesday January 19th 2009 Shelly Belanger rolled a 706 series in the Tuesday Nite Rollers League with a high game of 254. That same night at 9PM Dylan Sucharda rolled a 300 game in the Miller $3,000 Classic League, finishing with a 741 series.
Garbedian Starts Hot
53 year old Jim Garbedian started out the Castle Classic League in Racine Wisconsin
with his second 300 game in two weeks. Jim shot the game January 25th 2010 with a
Storm Highroad.
This week of January 17th 2010 League bowlers eclipsed $5,000 in cash and $30,000 dollars in Royal Care Car washes won by rolling either a 300 game or 800 three game series. Castle pays on-site cash of $100 for every 300 game and 800 series and our fantastic sponsor Royal Care Car Wash on Douglas Ave. Racine treats the whole league of the 300 or 800 bowler to one of their fine full service car washes valued at $10 each. There has really been some great bowling this year and both Royal Care & Castle congratulate all on a fine season so far.
January 26th, 2010

Katie Zwiefelhofer continues to rule the Castle Majors League
at Castle Lanes. The 17-year-old Park senior rolled her
fourth national honor series in the league and fifth overall
this season Saturday with a 757 series on games of
246, 223 and 288. This was her third this month in the league
(Jan. 2 and Jan. 16 were the others). Also in the Majors League,
Ryan Zagar using a STORM Reign rolled an 824 national honor series.
He led off the 824 with a 300 game. Zagar, 16, who averages 220,
finished with games of 266 and 258. It is Ryan’s second 300 & 800 thrown this season.
John Yazek January 3rd 2010 just missed perfection,
settling for a 299 game in the Wednesday Senior Men's
League at Castle Lanes. Yazek rolled 11 straight strikes
before leaving the 9-pin on his 12th shot. Yazek finished
with a 791 series.
Phil Ontko said:
Belanger rolls second 706 series
Shelly Belanger is stuck on 706, rolling her
second such series of the season Tuesday February
9th 2010 at Castle Lanes. Bowling in the Tuesday
Nite Rollers League, Belanger, 42, shot games
of 213, 278 and 215 for her second national honor
series in three weeks. In the same league
Jan. 19, Belanger rolled a 706.
Delbert Richards rolled his eighth career 300 game
to highlight a national honor 825 series Friday while
bowling in the League at Castle Lanes.
Richards had games of 246, 279 and 300.

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