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Stop the decline of Sanctioned League Bowlers! How? well check this out

My story:  

Is long and can be found on the website I created for this project.   You can click on 'about' and also 'thirty years ago' buttons under the additional info button.  Note that I am 72 years old, running out of energy and resources. I need participants to register, signup for events, bowl at their local center, then post scores. re are two events that you can participate in. Winner take all and One winner out of 40 entrants. The Tournament is run in the morning (to allow participants across the nation) and they can check the outcome in the 'winners circle' button. 

The Potential:
I could have a tournament running with participants from around the World.  But for now I am keeping it Nationwide. I just need to publicize the concept and get people to participate. 

I do create computer generated bowlers in order to demonstrate the scope of the concept.  They will be removed with enough live participants. 

When you check the 'Winners Circle' and event results are revealed, check the Houses, Cities and States where the participants are from.  That will demonstrate the far reaching scope of the tournament concept. There are other reports available to observe statistics from each event, like how do the team averages compare to the other teams, where do the winners fall compared to other teams etc. 

What I need help with:
Participation in events.
 While I am demonstrating the concept, I do not validate your name, your average or your scores. Participation is free, no prizes either. Later, If the bowling community likes this idea,  we will clear all the databases and accept only valid United States Bowling Congress Sanctioned League bowlers information. At that time we will accept a fee to participate and award 80% of the fee back in prizes. '
I answer as many questions as I can in the FAQ section. The potential is more clearly defined under 'additional information' button then 'business plan' button. I will share ownership with anyone who can help market the concept. 75 to you and 25 to me. The proof of concept should help dissuade any skeptics on the viability of the idea.
We will revisit the rules pending feedback from the bowlers themselves. Thanks for your time.
Jim Yeatrakas, Tournament Director and coder.

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