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Lasar Tag (Tag You're It)


We just installed all new lasar equipment. I would like to do double duty on this one.

Putting your name on your photo on facebook is considered being tagged. I'd like to either post photos of people or have them post them theirselves. Then have a contest of tagging your or your friends names in the photos.


Prize: lasar tag party

Goal: build facebook fan page and awarness for new lasar storm equipment


Details missing:

what photos will we use? current customers? I like the idea of graduation parties or some type of event. Holiday is too family oriented, possibly. Who will tag their grandma?

Who wins? most tagged, some one who tagged the most? random? tag and have a second step - like come in to one of our locations?

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Great idea! You've answered most of your own questions. I think a random winner would be best to prevent someone from dominating by adding dozens of photos.



In my opinion, good idea as long as the center is not taking the photos and posting them without their customers' permission. Specially, when you're talking about anyone underage. Just curious, Why the importance of being "tagged?" I get the idea, but if you build a FB page and people post photos of themselves having fun, isn't that just as good? If the main goal is to build something interactive with user generated content, perhaps it should be more "free form?"

Please let us know when your FB page is live. I'd like to see it and share it.

I like the idea of tagging your friends in the photo so they come to our page as well. I'm not sure how familiar you are with Facebook but if you are friends with someone you can tag them which puts their name under the photo and a link to their profile. it also posts that photo on their profile for all their friends to see. So tagging is a better way of spreading the royalpin fan page out quicker.


I established the page in June I believe. We're at about 400 fans. That's not great for 6 months, but not terrible.


here is a link:


I still can't come up with a good theme for photos. I did'nt want to post christmas ones. If I act now NYE may be ok, but I'm afraid of what kids will post. I don't want us to be responsible for showing inappropriate underage photos.


Maybe sports activites so if they're in a softball league or soccer or school sports they can post that. Oh, as I'm writing I'm thinking team shots may be a good idea! they can do their bowling league or school or outside sports. This could be for any age!! Yea!


A random winner would be easiest. What if there was a funniest sports picture or osomething else like that. so other will want to come back and see.


I love marketing!

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