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Can bowling centers be a magnet for holiday cheer, even in--or especially in--bad economic times? What are your plans for welcoming/promoting to bowlers, families, 20-somethings, etc. over the holidays?

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With any luck the results of the mid-term elections will give the American public a reason to "exhale" and stop waiting for the next great concept that freezes the purchasing public with fear.

If so then yes, this will be the first Holiday season since 2007 where we will see more interest in bowling parties. In fact we have been seeing some increases already, but we have also targeted our local businesses with free bowling parties (limited to 15 people) to fill our slow times and certainly that could also be a reason for the increase in action.

Currently we have a very nice glossy tri fold and we follow all the normal steps, calling last years groups to reschedule, calling and mailing to all of our business data base members,
The holidays can be a BIG success in our industry. Our people here need to know how to set it up. I can see in increase in bowling. Just like what Daniel said. It's a great opportunity to have company parties for the holidays.

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