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Just curious is anyone else experiencing an increase in the number of holiday parties this year? Our two biggest centers are scheduling parties at a higher rate than in the past four years. While we did take an aggressive approach to reaching our to local businesses this year, we are very surprised by the response. 

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We are also experiencing this awesome increase!

We do have a slight increase over the last three years, but not as many I was having in 2004 to 2006

Maybe I'm just looking for the silver lining in this gray business cloud...... we have now booked over thirty parties which excess the sum total of all holiday parties booked the last three years combined

I had a party for 120 last week. We served 16oz. ribeyes and full sides with pies. It was the biggest party we've ever done. I am so surprised and think that maybe people are wanting to take care of the people they have.

Well ribeyes are a bit out of our league, but we do a variety of hot foods and this year we also packaged our parties into five different food themes, included the bowling and sold them as a set price for 8 people with a per person extra for over *

I thought Ribeyes were out of our league too, but they agreed! Never assume!

yes I ASSUME you are correct...LOL  we would try it if the group wasn't to large..... I've done it at other places on a smaller scale, we used BBQ grills outside to cook the steaks...

We are still booking parties, I'm hopeful its a sign of good things to come..... now we are reserving them at 10pm on Friday & Saturday nights......

Yes, that's what we did. We borrowed a large industrial grill (actually traded for bowling passes). I'm still booking parties too. It's amazing!


What we saw was an increase in large center buyout parties but a drop in the small 24-40 parties.  While the economy may be helping industries that sell outside our spending area, we definitely saw a difficult environment for small businesses, including many that closed.   Congrats on your efforts.

Actually we ended up with well over 30 holiday parties and now we have ten holiday parties booked for large box store who couldn't hold their parties during the selling season.....

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