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Thoughtful letters From At-Risk kids for an opportunity to bowl

In our world, we are so fortunate to be able to meet or exceed the expectations of our guests, regardless of their status as 1st timers, frequent bowlers or regular bowlers. Thousands of guests come and go and we expect to hear nothing. We're so used to hearing from guests only when their experiences fail to live up to expectations. 

A few weeks ago, I welcomed a group of "At-Risk" teens (through my civilian volunteer work at the LAPD).  We rolled out the red carpet for their group and, while I got my thank you's and appreciation,  after the event. It turns out what I received ended up being so much more.

Please read a few letters from some teen Los Angelinos.

Wow! Impressive kids, for sure.

Don't you wish all of our guests would be so thoughtful and respectful?

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Here is a .pdf file of the letters received.


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