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I met several cool people at Bowl Expo this year. One person I met told me they just put together a triathalon with bowling being one of the legs of the event.


We have several activities - kart racing, min golf, pool, darts, all the fun stuff.


The other center paired with a golf club and had a morning start of golfing, then bowling then corn h*** (a tailgating game like bean bag toss for those of you who never heard of it).


My boss would like us to use our own facilities. I like the idea of having a partner in order to reach out further. I'm not sure who will win this. My backup is make it a fund raiser so at least we can get someone outside of Royal Pin to help promote. Plus, I feel people will be more likely to pay when they know some of it is going to charity. So, say my boss can not be convenced to do real golf and we use mini golf.


I think this is a good way to get people who like to keep active outside involved in bowling.


I would like to have the golf first, indoor bowling then back outside for corn h*** in the parking lot. I'd also like a tent and a beer party. (get the people drinking indoor at bowling first)


Any ideas to build on this? sponsorships? media? promotions? Anyone do something similar or interested in working with me to build an event together for both your and Royal Pin centers?


I look forward to hopefully hearing from you and what you're plans are for the summer.

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