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What are you looking forward to most when you attend Bowl Expo 2011?

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17 consecutive years and counting. . . . I look forward to seeing my industry friends and clients from around the world, all in one place at one time.

On a side note, this is the second or third time in the past 17 years that Bowl Expo does not fall on my anniversary. So, I get to be at home to celebrate with Jackie and the kids. Then, it's up at dawn for an early flight on Sunday. Feel free to stop by our booth!


Seeing friends.
This is my first Bowl Expo so I really don't know what to expect. I look forward to seeing EVERYTHING!
I would like to attend Bowl Expo to network, visit old friends and see all then new products.
My first bowl expo. Looking forward to seeing what its all about.

 What am I most looking for this year at the Bowl Expo? I am looking forward to see all the new products that will be coming out this year, seeing friends that I haven't seen in a long time, hanging out with all the Sales Rep from the different Manf.being able to ask questions face to face. Putting a face to the people I talk to on the phone. Probably some good night time partying wouldn't hurt either. Man I can't wait till EXPO.  I have been involved with bowling for 48 years, I have never been able to get to a Bowl Expo. I have been to small trade shows locally, as I own a small Pro Shop in the South and it is hard to find someone to run the shop for me for more than a day. This year however my shop will be closed for renovation during the Expo, so it looks like I'm in for a great time and I could use it. When I get back I go in for total knee replacement. I will have some extra time to figure out what my shop needs for next season. Boy I talk alot. Just excited about going to Bowl Expo 2011



We see the best and brightest at Bowl Expo.  The industry movers and shakers... the best proprietors, reps and industry leaders that are forming the future of the game.  My brain goes into over drive and I get excited about bowling all over again. 

Being a part of Bowl Expo guarantees me an energetic launch into the new bowling season!

Where esle can you have a great party and countless of new business ideas to pay for it all?

Doing the all day radio show on Thursday!


The networking. Seeing old friends. The educational programs. The trade show.
I am looking forward to discussing the abysmal oversight of league play by USBC.

I look forward to seeing my industry friends, clients and collegues as well...I also look forward to seeing the new USBC facility, the Bowling Hall of Fame & Museum and Arlington...


The trade show this year, as other years, should showcase some interesting new products for the industry...I always look forward to that every year,,,


It should be a wonderful Bowl Expo 2011 and I can't wait to share it with the everyone in our bowling community...

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