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What are you looking forward to most when you attend Bowl Expo 2011?

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I have been the last 4 years and love to talk to people about my unique products.  Every year I have come back with a new idea for products, like the bowling birthday chair

Getting ready for #18 consecutive shows.

How many our there can top that?

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Bowl Expo is how I prefer to spend my vacation time. I look forward to each annual feast, and focus on the wisdom received from those willing to strengthen mine.  I learn from inputs that enhance our sport with innovative products and services.  I look forward to speaking directly with experts from various manufacturers rather than sifting through publications.  Bowl Expo is a priceless opportunity to see and touch all the new products, as networking with others.

IBPSIA, USBC and BPAA educational seminars provide icing on the cake and inspiration to better serve our customers. The measure of the success in our sport is not limited to individual success, but our common donation toward those who long for answers in their own success. Bowl Expo enhances the enjoyment for our customers by providing current technology and educational tools to our sport.  Whether advances in our lanes, the balls, coaching, pro-shop, new league concepts, or customer service, whenever I’ve made discoveries how to advance our sport,

I look forward to the exposures available at this annual event. This is where we, as a community, share ideas on how to rebuild where we have weakness; and how to best apply our strengths. Bowl Expo is a priceless opportunity to see and touch new products, add our inputs, and gain the opportunity to speak with our industry vendors.  Bowl Expo is a rare opportunity to slow down, add to our education, and think about working more effectively for our customers.  This is the event when we engage in open forums and direct contacts with those who serve our businesses.  This when

There is none of us who is greater than all of us. For those who bring the lessons learned; for those who create new technology and technique, this is the place to spend your summer. This is the place I want to be.

I'll see you there.

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