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World Wide Bowling Tournament on a daily basis

My name is Jim Yeatrakas. I am located near Charleston SC. I have developed a concept that may intrigue you. It is a World Wide Tournament based on scores posted in League or tournament play. Members may only participate if they have a USBC id. It is designed to ensure equity of 4 person teams and offers a variety of events based on winner ratio's, fee amounts, locations and time zones. It is located at It is a proof of concept and runs demonstration events daily. It also has a in house event that is free to proprietors who can run it to fill blank spots in their bowling schedules. I am actively looking for support. I am now 65 and willing to part with the concept for a small royalty once there is revenue generated. It is designed that 10% of fees are designated for Jr. Bowling programs. I can be contacted at this address if there is an interest or to answer questions. This was conceived as a Global event eventually. I would appreciate your feedback, even if it is negative. It would also be appreciated if you do like the idea, that you bring it to the attention of your peers. Contact me at I welcome your input.

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