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We are preparing the content for Volume 2 of the Beyond Bowling section which will show in the August edition of International Bowling Industry (IBI) magazine. The August issue will feature a profile of Main Event, one of the early and now leading US chains of Bowling Entertainment Centers (BEC). In addition to the company profile I will interview CEO Charlie Keegan, plus we will have other articles which our readers will hopefully find of interest in the BEC segment.

We are committed to making this focused section of IBI your trusted source for solid information on the developing BEC format. That goes for this website group as well. Please feel free to share your thoughts on what you'd like to see covered, and what you would like to discuss in this group, as we go along.

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I am looking forward to your profile of Main Event.  I suggest you include an interview with Neil Hupfauer.  Neil created Main Event and its predecessor, FunFest.   Neil is one of the unique people in bowling who are both an OBG (Old Bowling Guy) and a visionary.  He was one of the first to step from traditional bowling operations into the world of entertainment bowling.  He is a stickler for detail and a relentless tinkerer.  In Neil you have the visionary entrepreneur.  In Charlie you have the consummate professional leader.  Together they are responsible for Main Event being the primary example of a successful BEC.

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