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You've Been Noticed as Someone Who Cares Deeply about Our Disabled American Veterans. Here Is Your Opportunity To Help Them And Make Your Center Even More A Part Of The Fabric Of Your Community. And That Means More Business for You
More than 500 bowling proprietors in America are proudly displaying their BVL Care, Commit and Collection Can at their center. And customers are responding by putting their change into the collection can.

We know that you care, but perhaps you don't have a BVL collection can on your front desk to help BVL reach its goals of helping disabled American vets get back to a normal and productive life. 

Now celebrating our 75th year, BVL has been providing, recreational and occupational therapy equipment to VA hospitals across the country.

Please review this quick video: It's only 3 minutes long) and then contact me at to request your BVL Care Commit and Contribute Collection Can and I will get your BVL Collection Can to you ASAP. 

To make your fund raising efforts for BVL even bigger and better and to celebrate our 75th year of giving, we have created 5 new promotional programs (2 league kits and 3 open play kits) all"done for you." Just plug your center's name into the fliers, emails and Facebook posts we have and away you go. It's a great way to raise money for BVL…and you can make some money too!! 

Please sign up for these promotional kits; they are completely customizable for your center; you can change dates, prices, dates and times that fit your schedule, are absolutely FREE and are available in full color or black and white by emailing me: and I will make sure to get your kits out and to send you our Care Commit and Contribute Collection can that you can proudly display in your customer service area.

Then all you have to do is ask your customers in center to get into one of these great programs and by posting it on your website, and sending out an email as well as posting the promotion on Facebook (or creating a Youtube video which is even better!) you will even get more people involved. We'll even provide you with a customized PR plan for your community. Also FREE!

Mary Harrar
Executive Director, BVL

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