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Thank you IBI & Marci Williams

On behalf of the Bowling Centers Association of Wisconsin (BCAW) . . . we thank IBI and writer Marci Williams for the wonderful coverage of a couple of our vintage era bowling centers here in Wisconsin.  Sister Bay Bowl & Neighbors Lounge & Lanes are both members of BCAW/BPAA and represents a very special niche in our industry.

I hope everyone will read the article and enjoy the photos found in the April 2018 issue (pages 30-34).




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Urban Air Adventure Parks

Excited to announce Urban Air, the nation's leader in indoor adventure and trampoline parks, signs an exclusive agreement with ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., to utilize ColorSplash VersaLamp LED lighting and control systems, to provide Urban Air with a more unique experience in lighting effects in its already popular trampoline attractions and fitness activities”  

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What is in store for us is anybody's guess,

so here are some futuristic ideas

I have compiled from various…


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Do You Fear The Summer?

Lots of us have had pretty good winters, especially since we were going

against last year’s snow days and very cold temps that kept people at home.

But now we are faced with summer, a time we all know too well.

Many operators will go back to the drawing board and do the same old thing

and get about the same number of league bowlers…or less.

Other operators will institute all new programs, rally the troops and put

out tons of “sell, sell, and sell” of email…


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The Proverbial Fly on the Wall

“I’d love to be the fly on the wall in that office today,” we may find

ourselves sometimes saying, especially when we want to know what someone is

thinking, but that knowledge is something we are not privy too or it is

something that is too impolitic to ask, so we don’t and just fantasize

about that fly.

On the wall. With his ears wide open. Just listening.

We think if we know what someone is talking about that we know what they

are thinking.



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Six (6) Actions You Can Take Right Now to Increase Revenue in the Very Near Future

Fall league season still has a few months to go. In some places, there are

just six weeks left. With that in mind, what are you planning to do now to

increase your business over the next 4 to 6 months?

Here are 6 actions you can take now to enjoy real revenue growth in the


1.    You know about summer league planning, so I won’t bore you with the

details here, just a quick reminder to make sure that you try a few new

concepts that are more fun,…


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Two Options for the 21st Century Small(er) Business

If you own a small(er) business, and most of us do, you have probably

managed your business like we all have. Except for managers and mechanics,

we hire “industrialized workers”.

That is we hire cogs in the system; people who want to be told what to do,

who are hired and trained to obey. These are jobs that get outsourced or

people who work cheap. This team needs a manager, a manager patient enough

to instruct, teach and measure.

The Downside: Sometimes…


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7 Tips for Creating a Functional Email Experience

Chad White is one of the all-time gurus of email marketing Chad is the

Research Director at Litmus and the author of Email Marketing Rules and

thousands of articles and posts about email marketing.

His research and commentary have appeared in more than 100 publications,

including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today,

Advertising Age, Adweek, Fortune, and MarketWatch.

He recently wrote an article entitled called 7 Tips for creating…


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The Essential Elements of Content Marketing That Effectively Sells Your Product.

1.   “Content” is King. Content marketing is a marketing technique of

creating and distributing relevant and engaging information to attract,

acquire and engage a clearly defined audience with the objective of driving

a profitable customer transaction.”  That’s the long version.

2.   The short version is, “all of the ways we communicate online…Website,

Blurbs, Email, Newsletters, and Social."

3.   60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after…


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5 Questions You Need to Ask About Your Business Today.

While most of the Northeast is being bombarded with snow, Marie and I were

fortunate enough to plan a three-day sojourn to Puerto Rico about 2 months

ago, never realizing that we would be missing the snow storm of the

century.  With more than 25 inches of snow already having already fallen,

we are hoping that our flight will be canceled.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic23772.jpg)

Unfortunately, hope is not a strategy and if we wanted to stay longer we



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What You May Be Hiding?

Your prospects are hiding in plain sight from you. Even your customers are

hiding from you. Know why? Maybe it is because you have not fully committed

yourself to the gathering, managing, marketing, and re marketing to people

who like your product.

Instead, you are sending out Facebook posts and email posts as if you

expected everyone to buy your "sale" item.

Ever wonder how many people open your digital communications? Ever wonder

how many people click…


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Every Story Can Tell And Sell

A reader writes about my last blog pertaining to telling a story. Here's what he had to say:

"Wow Fred. Like you suggested, I put out a Facebook post today telling a

story for the first time.  I have always done what most people have done

just post basically ads of specials and deals.  With the story type, I have

twice as many shares and likes as usual." Thanks,

Nick, Cedar Lanes, Weed, CA…


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Bringing Bowling to the Masses

Over the years, bowling alleys have evolved into full-blown “fun for all” entertainment centers. They are now attracting a new crowd with things like full-dining, pool tables, and cocktail lounges, and using technology like online reservation software to rapidly grow their revenue.



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You're So Good You're Boring

Before getting started on this blog, I want to post a few responses from

several of my readers to my “Offense vs. Defense” blog of last week.

Thought you would be interested in their comments

      “Fred, I think this was one of your most educational and articulate

      posts yet.  However, I think you left out one management failing that

      is a combination of the two.  There are many managers who talk about

      offense and solicit new ideas…


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Offense vs. Defense

It has often been said, especially in professional football, that “the best

defense is a great offense”. Or was it “the best offense is a great


After 20 years of providing marketing and management consulting services to businesses within the

entertainment category as well as other industries, their strategic

business approach is  either…


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Because Every Voice Matters

I  never ask my blog readers to buy anything, except a couple of times a

year I ask for a contribution to a charity that is near and dear to my

heart; SAY (Stuttering Association for the Young). As a youngster, and even

as an adult, I experienced stuttering first hand. And it made me what I am


I am fortunate and blessed to have achieved many of my dreams and that’s

why I am so passionate about helping kids who stutter. I know the

humiliation, the…


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What is Your Marketing Vision?

In the days before computer imaging and technology, manufacturing was

conducted by subtraction.

That is, a large block or sheet of metal was rolled out and a press or a

cutter was used to make it into the precise size the part was specified.

Manufacturers literally “subtracted” pieces of the block or sheet to make

the part.



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A Marketing Lesson from Volkswagen

No doubt, you have heard about the recent crisis at Volkswagen.

Seems the good folks in Wolfsburg, Germany decided that the emissions

standards for their diesel engines weren’t quite right so they fraudulently

reported lower emissions and greenhouse gasses than they actually had.

They got caught and the CEO was forced to resign while the largest

automobile manufacturer in Europe, VW, with over a 50% market share has

just suffered the worst calamity a company…


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What's Possible vs. What If

We are required to make up a fall league bowler flier, brochure, advertisement, etc.

We are required to call back league bowlers.

We are required to host a junior registration day.

We are required to do a traffic driver before Labor Day.

We are required to “come up with new league ideas."


What if it were possible to…


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