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February 2012 Blog Posts (8)

Guaranteed. 6 Rules to Increase Birthday Party Sales.

This one is a little longer than usual, but I humbly assure you, it will be
worthwhile. Please stay with it to the end.
Call 10 or 20 bowling centers to get information about their birthday
parties. I almost guarantee that you will get one of three answers.
1.  Uh, can you call back later and speak to the
2. Hold on, let me get someone who can answer that (wait 5 minutes, come
back to…

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Tell Me a Story

If you open up or view lots of Facebook pages from businesses, you kind of
get a feeling that far too many businesses are using Facebook as a
substitute for a direct mail promotion. And that is just one big turnoff to
your “Facebook friends and fans.”
It’s an easy trap to fall into.
People have agreed to “like” you or join your “tribe”, as it is popular to
say.  But just because a person has agreed to be your fan or…

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A Little Generosity Goes A Long Way

 We're all in business to sell something, but sometimes one of the best
ways to do that is to give it away. For some owners, that tactic's anathema
-- "I'm in business to sell, not to give" -- but their attitude is pretty
A Little Gratis Action Now Can Come Back To You Later...often In A Big Way
Especially for small businesses, our own products or services (or a sample
or variation) are usually the easiest…

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Follow Ups On Super Bowl Advertising

Here's our first sign up for a Super Bowl advertising campaign
"Count me in for my share of total lane beds.  BPAA / USBC  (or USBC
Membership - cost is less than $3 per member)  should tally total number of
member / divided into $3.1 million  What is the cost per lane bed?  $25-30
bucks per lane bed??   BOOM! Put together an awesome 30 second spot,
showing every age group interacting and enjoying the…

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Super Bowl or Super Bowling?

This past Sunday, the NY Giants won the Superbowl.  For many of us, it was
a happy time and for others not so much. Still others just didn't care.
No matter what side of the game you came out on, and if you watched it, you
were among 111.7 million viewers who, in an average quarter hour, watched
the Superbowl (that's how Nielsen measures "eyeballs").  At its peak,
between 9:30pm and 9:45pm, viewership spiked to 117 million…

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Sgt. Friday Was A Great Marketer

At dinner last night, my new client, a well established and successful
entrepreneur with whom I have been coaching "the culture of change" while
being charged with developing his "marketing voice" (my words, not his)
said to me, "you know Fred, this marketing stuff is really about expert
opinions isn't it?"
Pausing he took a quick sip of his martini and said, "lots of companies
come to me and promise me results and I get…

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Recalculating. Please Wait.

Whenever I miss a turn my Garmin navigational device says "recalculating."
Sometimes the voice says "recalculating" when I come out of  a turn, go
under an underpass or just for no good reason at all.
It got me to thinking about this"recalculation" business.
Somewhere along the line, we all end up recalculating our plans, our
business, our relationships and ultimately our lives.  In fact I saw a
quote that read "I didn't end…

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Changing Changes Everything

It happens. We all know it.
Changes come around and make us women and men, in one form  or the other.
Last week, Marie and I moved from Manhattan to Westchester country, about
20 miles north of NYC. This quiet bucolic setting just seemed more in tune
with our immediate needs of being close to the "craziness", but no longer
having to be in it.
The packing, moving and unpacking is always a chore, but given that…

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