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February 2013 Blog Posts (7)

Trouble Shooting Foamy Draft Beer

Trouble Shooting Foamy Draft Beer

Draft beer is a sensitive product which requires certain parameters to be just right in order to dispense properly: Temperature, Pressure, Appropriate Propellant and a Good Beer Dispensing System Design.

1. Does…


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Understanding Beverage Cost Percentages

The unfortunate reality of operating a bowling center bar is dealing with the negative affect on profits due to shrinkage. In particular, bar operations are likely to have lost potential profits due to careless draft beer pouring by bartenders, unauthorized giveaways, over-pouring liquor shots to boost tips, cash skimming and outright product theft. Joseph Thompson with Stock-Taker, a beverage auditing company in Atlanta, Georgia, has determined that the average bar is missing more…


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Wait Till Next Year

Another Super Bowl has come and gone and we are no closer to having a

bowling commercial on the Big Game (watched this year by only 108 million

people) than we were last year.

This year, I had an opportunity to interview for a BPAA Board position and

as we went through the various interviewee type questions, I was informed

that the mission statement of the BPAA was to increase the proprietor’s


I buy that lock stock and bowling…


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Here's How You Can Help Thousands of Kids Find Their Voice.

Jesse L. Martin in Law & Order

Jesse L Martin, (pictured left) who starred in the Law and Order TV series

and devotes tons of his time and talent to Our Time Theatre recently

reminded me that it is getting close to "Gala Time."

As we get ready to gear up for the 2013 "Our Time Theatre Gala" event this

April, I wanted to share some tid bits from last the hopes that

you will join us at the Gala in NYC and/or contribute to the efforts of

this oh so…


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Your Strategy is Your Business

At the Bowling Summit this week in San Antonio, TX I had an opportunity to

sit through a social media session or two. What struck me was the single

mindedness and sometimes seemingly, frantic need to be “noticed, opened,

clicked, engaged” as a measure of your marketing success.

I always thought it was  ultimately to have someone buy something from me.

It was all great stuff and I picked up a few nuggets from the speakers vast

knowledge. But, and it’s a big…


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A Blog Is Not A Dead Bug On Your Windshield

A couple of day ago I was at a friend's house when he and I began talking

about our respective blogs. His granddaughter a precocious child of 6 years

old, said, "What's a blog? It sounds like a dead bug."  After we all had a

good laugh, I said to myself, "Self, out of the mouths of

babes, comes truth".

Yes, Megan, some blogs really are dead bugs on a windshield; some lose the

reader in about 30 seconds and some are so inconsistently posted that

they look like…


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Pinz Now Offering Online Booking with Partywirks

Pinz owner David Breen was looking for a solution that would streamline the booking process for his staff, and offer more convenient options for customers.  Considering the modern day consumer’s busy lifestyle and increasing demand for flexible…


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