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March 2011 Blog Posts (6)

Why Google and Facebook are Doomed

Ever try to call Google or Facebook and get a real person to answer your


Won't happen. It's not their business model.

In fact, it is the antithesis of their business model.

I tried calling Google several times, maybe even 20 times,

only to be referred to a website or an email; never heard from them


And then it hit me. These very companies whose aim it is to connect

people, to provide facts and fiction; and to communicate with the…


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The 10 Immutable Laws of Customer Relationships

The following is based on a conversation with the enthusiastic,

enlightening and entertaining sales trainer Jerry Acuff, author of The

Relationship Edge in Business

"Selling at the highest level means building strong customer relationships

which create ongoing sales opportunities.

There are 10 fundamental laws that determine whether a customer will want

to have a long-term relationship with you.

Here they are:

LAW #1: Your customer wants to… Continue

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The Millenials

I received several interesting comments from my readers, in the past few

days, focusing on an element of Cosmic bowling I neglected to mention.

From Max Cook Pasco, WA, "a lot of centers all over the country do not

have all the fixtures working. It's not a cosmic show without the lights. ALL

lights have to be working or replaced. An investment of 1 or 2 new

fixtures a month or every other month prevents a massive overhaul expense."

From CJ Fox out of Newton,… Continue

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9 Secrets to Building Your Cosmic Bowling

Reports from around the country indicate that cosmic bowling has picked up

as we get deeper into the season. Problem is that the season is about to

slow down and as the weather gets nicer so will your cosmic bowling.

Here are 9 secrets I use to keep our cosmic moving:

1.  Make sure that your cosmic bowling has at least someone who can act as

a master of ceremony. If this person isn't on your staff, a local college

may have acting, communications or speech… Continue

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Mission: Not Impossible

What does your center stand for?

Do you really have a mission statement?

If you really have a statement and it is more than just..."best service,

cleaner center, best shot, fun atmosphere, blah, blah", then you might

have a shot at standing for something.

Clients like Wally Hall and Mike Hall, in their 3 centers in Maryland,

practice their mission statement; they even have it up on the wall of

their centers in plain sight for customers to… Continue

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Success Needs To Be Heard

So you go to your center on Saturday night and say to the manager or

assistant manager; "how is everything going"? It's a common greeting, isn't

it? You might even ask "what's going on"? or you might say, "how are we

doing tonight"?

If the manager tells you, "oh pretty good, but we had a fight outside and a

couple of guys got a little tipsy at the bar and they are still there; then

all of a sudden, YOU have a problem to solve."

All of your energies go to… Continue

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