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April 2011 Blog Posts (7)

Summer Doesn't Have To Be A Bummer

Recent industry reports indicate that 3 out of 4 bowling centers in this

country spend the lion's share of their marketing budget developing fliers

for in center use to be distributed to customers that are coming there


As an industry we spend very little on trying to retain and grow existing

customers and even less on NEW ones.

Moreover, the over riding objective of our industry model is to grow

bowlers from non bowlers to casual open play bowlers… Continue

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The Appetizers

There are two kinds of people in the world that will buy from you. The

first group consists of people who like your product and have an appetite

for it. They want information; they want to know product offerings and

they want to know "what's new"?

Then there is the second group. These are people who don't actively seek

information about your product. Oh, they know of your product, might have

even have tried it a time or three, but they don't actively seek… Continue

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Gas It Up

Gas in Southern California is $4.89 a gallon, maybe higher today.

In NYC, gas is $4.29. No doubt in your city, town or village is high too.

According to the AAA, gas prices nationwide are up $1.20 a gallon since

one year ago.

Last time this happened. our business was affected. People need to eat,

pay the rent, buy clothes and fill up their cars to get to work, school and

pick up the kids.

Bowling is not going to be high on their list of… Continue

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Before computers, erasers were put on pencils because eventually someone

made a mistake and had to redo it.

In the typewriter era, erasable tapes could be inserted under the key and

the misspelled word would be removed.

In the computer era, it's even easier, we press the delete key or the

backspace key and,  "poof",  the error is gone.

To even double our chances of not making mistakes, computers have spell

check and grammar check. No reason to make a… Continue

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Marketing Tip #182: An Important E mail Secret

Want to increase customer engagement and boost your email ROI?

Consider a "friends and family" viral campaign.

Here's some information that will increase your email response


One of the tried and true email campaigns of yesterday was the "friends

and family" email offers.

These "friends-and-family email campaigns" contained very targeted

promotions sent to preselected groups of employees, business partners and…


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The Hammer and The Nail

It has been said that, in business as in life, some days you are the

hammer and some days you are the nail. But if you think that, what do your

employees think? Probably the same thing. Or more likely...they probably

think they are the nail.

The only problem is you may be using only one tool - the hammer - to fix

or build your business. If your business has changed, maybe the hammer is no

longer the right tool

Tools like making short season programs part of… Continue

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You Are In Sales. Oh, Yes You Are

Wood Foss, a proprietor and great client in Westerly RI, owns Alley

Katz, a wonderful 20 lane center that does some great numbers and has a

really, really great sports bar called Cleats. In addition to the great

service, the burgers, specials and other concoctions are terrific. I

can't wait for my visit to see them; the burgers are that good! :-)


In any case, Wood is a fervent reader of Chris Brogan's blog and he

passed this information on…


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