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May 2011 Blog Posts (6)

Are You Really Different?

As summer unveils its landscape of green grass, sunny skies and the lure

of vacation time, we know that our business cycle is turning down.

People just don't want to be indoors that much.

Thus, the market for bowing is diminished, sometimes by as much as 75%, as

compared to our up cycle (December to April).

For those fewer consumers who want to bowl, we must have captivating

offers that resonate with them; offers that make them say, "Wow, that's for… Continue

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9 Secrets for A Profitable Summer

Well, we have almost gotten through May, the trough in the bowling

business and we are heading for June also a bit of a trough, but in June the kids,

teens and college students  are out of school and its time to make a run

at them.

If you haven't already planned some programs to attract these segments

then now is the time to review some old programs and create new ones.

Here's a checklist of some programs from both a league and open…


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7 Ways To Connect Locally With Your Customers Part II

Here is Part II of our series on "Connecting with your customers


Yahoo Local

Here's how it works: Yahoo has three levels of advertising for

small-business customers.

The lowest--a free listing service--includes up to five category data

fields, product descriptions and company contact information.

Upgrade to the enhanced listing program where you get more editorial

freedom, room for up to 10 photos, a link to coupons and… Continue

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7 Ways To Connect Locally With Your Customers Part I

Many small businesses rely heavily on the love of local customers while


Internet continues to make reaching them easier and cheaper than ever.

For entrepreneurs who would rather not shell out--or simply can't

afford--as much as $1,000 for an old-fashioned ad in the Yellow Pages,

there are now a host of alternatives for wrangling the locals (and even

calculating the return on those marketing efforts).

This is the first of a seven part series I will be…


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An Ardent Reader Responds

One of my ardent readers, Tom Hebbe of Blue River Bowl, sent me a quick

response to my blog, "What We Can learn About Marketing From A Four Year

Old."  here it is in its entirety

"Hell yes we are missing something...THE INDUSTRY and the people still

remember HOW IT USED TO BE.

I currently have less than fifty sanctioned youth bowlers-(never have had

more that 144)...

Locally Soccer Spring and Fall has between 600 and 800 kids

participating!! Babe… Continue

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A Four Year Old Can Teach Us About Marketing

I watched my grand daughter at the playground today.

First, she very carefully watched the other children to see what

activities they  were involved in before she made her decision as to what

activities she should  participate in.  Interestingly, she chose the

activity that other kids were  doing.

She made that decision based on the number of kids doing it.

Even at age four, she was aware of what was the "popular activity" and

made her "safe" decision… Continue

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