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August 2012 Blog Posts (9)


For most of us, we define ourselves by our limitations.

For the Steve Jobs types of the world, they define themselves by their

dreams and aspirations.

Have we fallen into a pattern of limiting ourselves?

Is getting to “even to last year” good enough?  Is having 50 more bowlers

a success?

Or is getting to 90% of capacity what you dream about?

Is doing $1900 on a Saturday night and beating last year by $150 a good



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We Are (New) Family

August 21, 2012 CNN News:

“The number of single people in America is growing at more than twice the

rate of those who are wed, and if that trend continues,single adults will

soon account for a larger share of the U.S. population than married couples

for the first time on record, according to CNN. The number of new marriages

in the United States declined 5% in 2011 alone."

If that doesn’t change the dynamic of society and the landscape for us

marketers, I…


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Once Upon A Time...

Late last night, after the dinner, the conversation turned to politics and

one of my Republican friends made the claim that under this

administration, the number of people living in “poverty” increased from 28

million to 45 million.

My other friend, a Democrat, indicated that this number was erroneous

because the government is only counting “cash payments” and not food

stamps, housing subsidies and other public assistance programs as part of

the income to…


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Zig Ziglar, the world’s greatest salesman tells the story about traveling

on a plane and sitting next to a “good ole boy.” He noticed that the man

had his wedding ring on the wrong finger. Zig, always conversational,

turned to the man and said, “Excuse me friend, but I noticed that you wear

your wedding ring on the wrong finger.  Why do you do that?  The man looked

over at Zig and said, “Yeah, I married the wrong woman!!”

As sad as going after people who have no…


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Are You Using Facebook as Your Own TV Channel?

 What’s the value of a Facebook fan?

A new report from Forrester Research© addressed this question and very

simply found out that for such brands as best Buy, Wal mart, Coca Cola and

Blackberry, being a Facebook fan boots purchase, consideration and


Think of it this way, your Facebook page is your TV station. It is your

chance to broadcast your message; to interact with your customer, to

entertain them and engage them.  NOT just to sell…


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Sleepy's Is "Cool"

“Cool” is a state of mind, a way of expressing oneself that shows

confidence, style and to some degree a bit of glamour.

It is the stoic response to the thorniest question; it is never letting

the other guy see you sweat or run for cover.

It is being able to prevail in the most daunting situation and never

getting ruffled. It is being able to live by your values, your rules, not

by someone else’s values and rules, and prosper.



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Bad News From Washington State

Greg Olsen, the Executive Director of Washington state and a long time

respected friend for over 30 years reports the following sanctioned league

bowler trends in his state:

·         2011-2012 Season:

            * Adult: 37,700

            * Youth: 3,281

·         2010-2011 Season:

            * Adult: 40,461

            * Youth: 3,533

·         2007-2008 Season:

            * Adult: 48,099

            * Youth:…


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Wow Is No Longer A Big Deal.

If you watched any part of the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, you

might have seen some “over the top”

performances by myriad actors, dancers, singers and certainly the

lighting, sound effects, stage effects and creative


God knows what the Super bowl people will do for a half time show!  But,

back to the Olympics.  I never thought I would see 20 or so Mary Poppins

flying in.  Nor did I ever dream that the Queen of England, in a…


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Find Your Voice Now

Been a bit under the weather; thus the blogging has slowed up, but am

jumping back into it.

To celebrate feeling better (and my good news from the Doc), a friend of

ours invited us to a “fancy dinner”.  This place was reputed to be in the

top 5 or 10 restaurants in the city.  Given that there are over 17,000

places to eat in Manhattan alone, I figured this place will be good.

And it was good. Very, very good. But it just missed that something.



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