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December 2010 Blog Posts (10)

Be Relevant

I guess it’s that time of the year; the end of the year which promises us

the end of the “old” and the beginning of the “new.” These demarcations

must be important otherwise we wouldn’t wish each other “Happy New Year”

and say things like: “Best wishes for health happiness and prosperity in

The New Year.”

In many respects, it is good to get the old year behind us. 2010 wasn’t

very kind to us and we eagerly await 2011 with its aura of a “new start.”

But what… Continue

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We live in a world of uncertainty. There was a time we could count on a few

things like: "if we worked hard, we would get that promotion,get more

money, get a bigger house and car, put our kids through college and then

stroll off into a happy retirement."

For many people, this American Dream has either passed them buy or has been

shattered by the recent economic meltdown. This meltdown has also caused

uncertainty; uncertainty about the future and for CEO's that… Continue

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Feed The Dog

Your advertising results are inextricably linked to the message.

Two advertisers invest the same amount of money reaching the same target

audience. One succeeds brilliantly and buys the mansion on the hilltop. The

other fails miserably, receiving no response whatsoever. The difference

between these two was in the message of their ads.

Ads that speak to the heart of the customer and touch a nerve are the ones

that turn little companies into big companies. But…


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Create Your Own Push/Pull “Mini-Social Network” Or How to Compete and Win Online in 2011!

Five building blocks to creating your own market area mini-social network in 2011

Why is this important? This is where the customers are!

First, what do I mean by “push/pull mini-social media network? I mean when you have these 5 building blocks in place, working around the clock for your…


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The Social Couponing Phenomenon

The social media couponing phenomenon has hit and it has hit hard.

"", a subscription service is now in over 150 markets and has

about 15 million subscribers. It is the big kahuna in this new revenue

generating marketing machine. Their model is to ask retailers, like you, to

cut your price by 50%. Groupon then takes 50% of that price.

For example, if you are selling an "all you can bowl program" for $10,

Groupon will ask you to sell it for $5.…


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How Many Times Do I Have To Tell You?

If the goal of marketing is to create sales, then your marketing must

create positive perceptions about your center. So really,what people say or

think about your business or product offering is the chasm that must be

bridged before any new sales can occur!

Try this exercise. Present your new idea or product to a group of people,

maybe to your employees. Then, afterwards, speak to each employee

individually. You will be amazed at what they heard. It will probably…


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There Is No safety In Numbers

Recent reports around the industry are confirming what we all know, “open

play is down and league starts this fall were off by more than 5%."

Proprietors all over the country are calling each other to find out "how

the other guy” did and if his/her numbers are the same as ours.

OK, so now you know that your numbers are equal to, slightly lower or

slightly higher than the other guys. Does that make you feel safe?

It’s easy to take solace in the fact that…


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Its not too late to capture last minute Holiday Party business

Its not too late to capture last minute Holiday Party business

We’re into December and your Holiday Party business is in

full-swing. How is it going?

Despite the economic Grinch threatening to steal corporate party

business as it has…


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Third Blind Eye

Good marketing people know that the key to marketing success is having a

product that people want to buy. No mystery here.

But great marketing people know that they need to CONSTANTLY either,

improve upon their existing product by adding (or deleting) features to the

product or finding a new market segment for the product. If you can do

both, you are a mastermind marketer.

In our world we have two categories of products, “league play” and “open

play”. (Some… Continue

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We had a blast tonight at Spare Time Bristol

Despite my 8 year old's grimace from being forced to…


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