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December 2011 Blog Posts (9)

10 Things I learned This Year

As I look back on 2011 I realize that it was a much different year than any

year I experienced in the bowling industry and that spans over 35 years; 16

of which as the head of  The Kaploe Marketing Group,  having proudly served

hundreds and hundreds of proprietors over the years domestically and


It was a much tougher year.  Much tougher.  Open play was off allot and

leagues were at best down slightly Again!

So I thought I would make a…


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What Are We Missing?

With all the talk about book stores, as a brick and mortar business, going the way of Woolworth's, it is surprising to note that book sales, at independent retailers, have reached an all time high during this holiday season. When once the mighty Kindle or Nook or I Pad were predicted to make book stores obsolete, the numbers proved that those who predicted this trend, up until now, to be absolutely wrong. Some will point out that the closing of Borders forced people to buy books at…


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3 Ways You Should Be Using E mail In Your Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most under-utilized and misunderstood

marketing tools ever invented. Nearly every day, there are articles in

business publications and websites that share misinformation and misleading

information in regards to email marketing.

Even with all of the technology and social media platforms in existence,

email still plays an important role and acts as a gateway to most if not

all of the social media sites. Without an email address,…


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Customer Assurance Checklist

When choosing a soft modular playground supplier review this helpful checklist of quality, safety and durability controls to ensure that your supplier meets or exceeds these crucial commitments to you and your project. When it comes to child safety and your responsibility good, ok or 2nd best simply isn’t good enough. Due diligence will let you and your staff sleep at night knowing that you have…


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just logging in for the first time

well beside the new auto scoring we have in the market. We now have a new prodoct that makes the lanes in the bowling center come to life with real auto tracking time and showing the ball leaving a fire trail behind. this can also be done a pool table for a billiards room. check out the video and see it with your own eyes.

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Some Assembly Required

It’s that season when a box of toys becomes a project. The warning

    label on the box, “some assembly required’ really      means “prepare

    yourself to read instructions that were translated into English and not

    translated very well, making   your job of assembly more arduous and

    somewhat daunting task.”

      “Some assembly required” is just work.

      Isn't that true of our businesses? Isn’t “some assembly required” for

    the work we…


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A December To Remember

With reports of black Friday sales reaching over $11.2 billion and same

store sales for big retailers reporting a 6% to 7% increase over the same

period last year, it would seem that American consumers have woken up from

their "no spend" funk and attacked the malls with vigor.  No doubt deep

discounts and longer opening hours combined with a barrage of TV and

Internet marketing helped.

But what happened to bowling?

In the northeast and mid Atlantic…


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A Different Kind of Black Friday

In light of the global economic news, American retailers have taken to

opening their stores earlier than the "traditional" 6am Friday morning

openings.  many retailers opened at midnight or 1am or 2am.

Whatever time they opened, stores were jammed with shoppers looking for

that 55" HD flat screen TV which normally sells at $1200 for $229. Some got

it. Others did not.

The one thing these retailers had in common was their old school newspaper

ads combined with…


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New Book Recommendation

Just finished this great book. Please read it.  Have a very Happy

Thanksgiving.   Please consider WEIRD

Seth's latest book, We Are All Weird, came out 8 weeks ago, to very strong

reviews and gratifying feedback.

It's likely you haven't had a chance to read it yet. I hope you'll give it

a shot. (The Kindle edition runs on all computers and tablets and you can

read it for free if you're an Amazon Prime member).

Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the…


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