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September 9, 2015

For millions of American school children, September signals a return to the

classrooms, a clean slate, a new beginning and the promise of a brighter


For many business people, September also signals the sounds of the holidays

to come. They know, as do you, that before you turn around, the season will

be here.

If you’re a bowling proprietor or the owner /operator of an FEC,…


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Throwback Thursday- Sparetime Greensboro, NC

Throwback Thursday! For this week’s ‪#‎TBT‬ we decided to feature our past customer Sparetime in Greensboro, NC. We provided the furniture for the VIP lanes, VIP concourse, corporate party room and the sports bar.

For more information on our furniture click on the link below.

If you are in the Greensboro area, check out Sparetime's website below. …


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Trend Forecast

Read below about the trends that are happening in the hospitality industry.

Find out what's happening in the industry and where it's heading. Comment below what you think about the trends!

Click here

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Steltronic Scoring – its 7th consecutive year with the USBC Tournament of Events

Steltronic Scoring – its 7th consecutive year with the USBC Tournament of Events


Steltronic is proud to announce that for the 7th consecutive year in a row, Steltronic Focus software and Steltronic Vision hardware will be the official scoring system of the United States Bowling Congress Women’s Championship Tournament starting in April – 2015 at the National Bowling Stadium,…


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Trend Forecast: Design Trends for 2015

Read below what 20 design professionals have to say about what’s trending in 2015.


These trends could definitely help you decide on a few design choices if you are planning on renovating your hotel, restaurant or bowling center.



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Main Event Selects North Fort Worth Site For DFW Expansion


New location is one of 8 new center openings planned by June of 2016



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Check out the new Party Center Software Tablet POS



Party Center Software is taking their flexible hardware approach to Point of Sale one step further with the announcement of tablet compatibility.


Party Center Software customers can now use the full Point of Sale (POS) feature on a tablet device.  The software was already touch-screen compatible for desktops, so creating an application that can be used on a tablet was the next logical step.  The company focuses on providing flexible hardware…


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Rolltech and Mike Fagan join forces

Fagan Wins PBA World Championship; Belmo Signs with Rolltech, makes CP3 finals; O’Neill Was There Too.

Click the link below to read more about Rolltech and Mike Fagan

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Steltronic announces interactive game events

Steltronic is pleased to announce interactive game events for the bowling centers with Steltronic Focus scoring. With this hardware device by Steltronic and connected to…


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Steltronic announces integration with Brunswick Command Network Systems

Steltronic - Brunswick Command Network Integration

Steltronic Automatic Scoring proudly announces that it has released an integration between …


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The Ducks are Flying!

A Quack for the Ducks      

            If Randy White is right about duckpins, the game whose range has been confined for 100 years to the Northeastern seaboard will be nesting around the world before long.

            White, principal of White Hutchinson Leisure and Learning Group of Kansas City, MO, is completing a duckpin FEC (157,000 square feet) in Vietnam and is in full design of another near Seattle. He’s talking up the game to his clients around the…


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The Modernization of Bowling

The Modernization Of Bowling

By Andrea Gage-Werren, La Habra 300 Bowl

Bowling in 2014 is a very different game than it was thirty years ago. Reminiscing back to the early 1980’s when I was a bowler in the junior program here at La Habra 300 Bowl, the building always had a heavy cloud of cigarette smoke lingering about. The adult and senior leagues thrived with fierce competition and several glasses of scotch.  Nowadays, the cigarette smoke has disappeared along with many of the…


Added by Andrea Gage-Werren on June 26, 2014 at 3:15pm — 2 Comments

Lights Out on January 1st!

January 1 is Lights Out

That’s right, January 1, 2014 the lights go out… at least for the manufacture and import of household incandescent lamps. Some people are meeting this news with shock and outrage. Others are hoarding remaining supplies. I have a somewhat different approach.

This isn’t really new or newsworthy. It’s a product of the 2007 Energy…


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Double Ballers

Anyone who has worked at a center or who bowls a lot knows what the cracking sound in an alley means. Someone has decided to throw a ball directly at the sweep; or a child who didn’t know any better rolled too soon or too late; or some teenager thought he would look “cool.” Often times, the culprit ends up being an adult who has had a few too many drinks and tries to get a good laugh from his friends by throwing more than one ball down the lane. This past weekend, I dealt with one of “those”…


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Hanging Bras

             Holler House, established in 1908, is not only known for housing the oldest certified lanes in America, which are housed in the basement of the bar, but also for the regalia of bras hanging from the ceiling of the bar. How cool is that?! Apparently, a Milwaukee city inspector did not think so when he declared the dangling undergarments a fire hazard. He broke Holler House’s 45-year tradition when he demanded…


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Bowling at almost a century old!

             Bowling at 98… WOW! Pete Parsons celebrated his birthday with a 204 game. Not bad for a 98-year-old! Age is just a number to Parsons as “he shrugged off both his age and his 204 game,” according to an LA Times news article by Bob Pool. While he has been bowling for 40 years and then some, Parsons wife still says he should take bowling lessons at some point.

            It is quite remarkable how a man in his nineties had sixty-six people attend his birthday event while I…


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Blogs Out Rank Consumer Networks for Creating Purchasing Decisons

A recent poll by “Technorati” magazine indicated that the #1 way to influence consumers’ purchasing decisions is by blogging.  
The report found that blogs are now the third most influential digital source behind retail sites and brand sites.…

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If You're Not Lady Gaga,You're Nobody

Ever notice that to get noticed today you need to almost border on the ridiculous? Or on the outrageous?. 

Take Lady GaGa (pictured on the left) for instance. Not that Lady Gaga is ridiculous, but she is certainly someone who stands apart from her competition. 

Her "brand,” if you will, is a unique blend of musical talent matched with daring…

Added by fred kaplowitz on March 13, 2013 at 12:29pm — 3 Comments

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