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Pinz Now Offering Online Booking with Partywirks

Pinz owner David Breen was looking for a solution that would streamline the booking process for his staff, and offer more convenient options for customers.  Considering the modern day consumer’s busy lifestyle and increasing demand for flexible…


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Retailers Add Gadgets for Shoppers at Ease With Technology



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Partywirks Online Booking & Sales System - THE 5 MOST FREQUENTLY REPORTED BENEFITS FOR YOUR PARTY & EVENT BUSINESS (as reported by actual party venue owners/managers/staff)


Fewer Errors!  Less Stress!

I used to cringe when I overheard incorrect information being given out to customers! With all the package descriptions, policies, procedures, pricing and details it's easy to slip up and give out the wrong information OR, write down the wrong information!

With Partywirks online processes everything is in writing and easy to read and the details have never been easier to document. This…


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Here's a Surprise You Would Like!

”We are in the entertainment business, not the bowling business”, says Zach Boulanger, the Webmaster and Weekend Manager for Ashwaubenon Bowling Alley & Family Fun Center.   They not only compete with other bowling alleys in the Green Bay, Wisconsin area, they also compete with other family entertainment venues.

As part of keeping ahead of the… Continue

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Create Your Own Push/Pull “Mini-Social Network” Or How to Compete and Win Online in 2011!

Five building blocks to creating your own market area mini-social network in 2011

Why is this important? This is where the customers are!

First, what do I mean by “push/pull mini-social media network? I mean when you have these 5 building blocks in place, working around the clock for your…


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One Bowling Centers Online Success OR "Being in front of the wave and not behind it!"

I recently wrote a newsletter article about Poway Fun Bowl in guess where, Poway California! They have been offering online party reservations since January 2009. No, this is not a simple "fill out the form and wait for an answer, we'll get back to you" process common on many websites, this is a real "show us the dates, times so we can book right now and move on with our day" type of process that you have come to expect from hotels and airlines...they've been doing this for years. Now, pioneers… Continue

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Ready for the new normal? or, (the death of voicemail as a popular customer feature!)

The new normal is everything online, all the time. Business is quickly moving to the new normal of "cloud computing" where everything, the software and associated business logic, reside and function remotely off a vendors server, not on a computer in your office. Some would say this is all "new" but in fact this has been around for years and your customers are probably using this type of technology on a weekly, even daily basis.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?… Continue

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Maximizing Holiday Party Sales

As the holiday season approaches, maximizing party sales maybe a thought on many of your minds. Here are some tips that will help increase party sales

1. Reach out to people/groups/associations that have had parties with you in the past. Many of them may be receptive to joining you again. Now is a good time to get an early start on this important sales project. If you are not building a database with this historic information, now is a good time to begin.

2. Try Constant… Continue

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