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This is the time of the year you should be developing and introducing new
products to your prospective NEW league bowlers...for introduction in late
September or early October.

Get 5 of your best ideas, send it to 10 of your must trusted people. See
what they think of it. See which ones scale to more people.

If it doesn't scale to more people, start over because  you have the wrong
product offerings.

Here's are two things you can do to improve your odds and see if your ideas

1. Use your Kids Bowl free list and send out a survey, maybe 5 or 6
questions; give them the 4 or 5 ideas and ask how interested they would be
(very interested, somewhat interested, neither interested or disinterested,
somewhat disinterested, not at all interested.).  Ask them to check the box
that most applies.Use the software called It's
inexpensive and easy to work with.

2. Speak with 10 or 15 open play bowlers and administer the same
questionnaire to them.Same rules apply.

The process is simple. Develop. Test. Measure. Repeat. Rinse.

Now you are ready to send the winning ideas to your 10 Trustees.

Time to rinse.

Good luck and good hunting

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