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10 Ways to Build Open Play Summer Business

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So, there you are, building summer leagues by talking to your existing winter bowlers. Maybe even talking to your open play bowlers? And calling last year's summer bowlers?

Good, good, good.

But have you developed an outside sales strategy to talk to companies, retail stores, day care centers, camps, YMCA's, Parks and Recs, as well as non profit groups and associations to develop business?

What could you sell them?
1. Special one-time events, for either team -building or company parties
2. Indoor picnics
3. Fundraisers
4. A "company" league of their own - 6 weeks, 6 weeks!
5. After-work party package - 2 hours of bowling, shoe rentals, pizza (or hamburgers,
chicken wings, or appetizers) and beer or cocktails for up to 5 people for X$$$
6. "Rainy Days R Us" programs for camps
7. Teen Nights
8. Field trips for day care centers
9. "Who gives a shift programs" (for those that quit work at midnight or 8 am and are
hungry and thirsty...package it up!)
10. Family Reunions or Family Picnics

Go to your database, your chamber of commerce and create offers to these people. Here are some ideas to get you started thinking:

1. Free party offers: buy two parties, get one free
2. Save $100 on your offcie Christmas party in December when you have a party at
Happy Lanes in July
3. Get $10 of FREE bowling for everyone who attends the next party. Valid on your
next visit.
4. Bring 10 people bowling and 5 bowl free

But here is the real secret.
Analyze your market.
Which two of the ten potential products above can you and your staff do WELL?

Pick two to do well.
OK, OK, then pick One!

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