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1,020 New Bowler visits in Crystal River, FL

Congrats to Manatee Lanes in Crystal River, FL. They reported 1,020 New Bowler visits as a result of their last Merchant Coupon program (

Typically, each visit is worth an average of $10 (shoes, paid games, F&B) giving a return of $11,200 (1,120 coupons times $10) which is an ROI of 484%.

The average program finds that 16% (180 of 1,120) of the coupon users check the "Interested in joining a League" checkbox on the back of the coupon and 20% (224) of coupons users provide an email address and request follow-up offers by email.

It is so exciting! There appears to be loads of untapped New Bowler potential around most centers. Center staff are swamped and just need a little assistance with their Outside Sales activity. I have a great job - driving fresh faces into local bowling centers.

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