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1st 30 days = 217 New Bowler visits, 3 birthday Party Sales

Emerson Lanes (Parkersburg, WV) reports that in the first 30 days of their latest Merchant Coupon Program ( they have received 217 coupons from New Bowlers. On average, coupon users each spend $10 on shoe
rental, paid games and food/bev.

Plus, the center booked 3 Birthday Parties in the first 30 days from the coupon's "10% OFF" Birthday Party offer (located under the "First Game Free" offer).

37 phone calls have been placed over the coupon's toll-free tracking phone number by coupon holders asking for information like hours, lane availability, Birthday Party package info and Corporate Outing details.

A typical Merchant Coupon Program delivers new business over a 90 day period, with peak visits often occurring during days 31 to 60.

- Chris Swanson, BMA Marketing, 800-603-3985

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