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You might wonder why I have MR.202 by my name. In 1985 in Toledo Ohio during the Pba Trust Corp National Championship Tour. during my 2nd 8 game qualifying Block I Bowled 202 202 202 202 202 202 202 202 +16

I had not tossed a 5 bagger all day much less three strikes in a row. The lanes were tuff for me. I was crossing with Pete Mcordic, Mike Aulby and The Great Joe Norris. I'm so glad I had a chance to befriend Joe, what a great guy. At 80 years young wearing knickers he hit the pocket every shot nearly and couldn't carry due to the fact he was using a 12 lb ball. So the last game I look up and start counting what I shoot if I strike out. I said to Joe thank God I wont shoot it again this game because no way can I roll the next 5. He said swing the gutter from 15 see what's there. I chuckled saying ok, just for you Ill do it. BANG BANG BANG BANG BANG 202. To say the least I was not happy by my bowling but was really hit hard by the news channels in the center. I did interviews with every station and it was quite fun. I had my face on my shirt painted because I was sick of the bland rules the PBA had at the time for clothing. A gentleman by the name of Bruce Pluckem who was the curator of the Nation Bowling Hall Of Fame said I need your shirt for our display. So I took it right off my back and handed it to him. My shirt made it to the hall of fame at least! My score was reconized as a world record, one I doubt that will ever be brokin.
That and 1.35 will get me a cup of coffee.

So I got in the car with Guppy said lets get out of here. He said I got a hotel room for us at this place. It was room 202. I tore the room up while he went to get us another room. I told him to ask for room 279

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