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5 Web Based Services To save You Time!!

Bowling center owners, family entertainment centers and other entertainment
venue owners who are using social media, often need some help; especially
in saving time. Fortunately help is here.

These time-saving tools and services make social media easier and more

Taking advantage of these tools can mean the different between having time
to make social media marketing work for your business or not.

So here are my five favorite web-based services that are being used by
some savvy entertainment venues as well as other small businesses to keep
their time commitment in check, while leveraging the power of social
media. Some have similar features so it’s best to try them out and see what
works best for you before deciding which to use.

      Shortstack ( is a service that helps businesses
      design a better looking Facebook page and customize it with such
      things as contests, forms, videos and more.  The service is free for
      pages that have up to 2,000 “likes.” Beyond that, a tiered pricing
      system kicks in.
      Buffer ( is a great way to schedule your social
      media activity. The service lets you add posts and tweets to your
      “buffer” from anywhere and have them automatically distributed
      throughout the day.  By keeping your buffer topped off with content,
      you can be assured of having a fresh social media presence for an
      entire week or more.
      Postling ( was designed with small business users in
      mind and provides easy-to-use tools, alerts and insights that will
      help you get the most out of social media marketing. Postling lets
      you publish to all of the major social media sites, including
      Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Tumblr and Flickr and
      schedule your posts in advance.  It also pulls comments from all of
      your social media sites into one place which saves a lot of time and
      effort for responding.
      TweetDeck (, which is owned by Twitter, is a
      “dashboard” from which you can manage a variety of social media. It
      allows you to monitor and manage unlimited accounts, schedule tweets
      to suit your audience and filter content to focus on what matters to
      you the most.
      HootSuite ( is similar to TweetDeck and lets you
      manage all of your social media accounts on a single dashboard.  This
      is a good solution if more than one person at your business posts to
      your social media accounts.

   Please review these time saving sites. Its the answer to the "I don't
have any time for all this social media stuff" scream!!

   Fred Kaplowitz can be reached @ 516 359 4874 or

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