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Recent economic news has not been good.

Housing sales have slumped and housing prices are down; some of the
steepest declines are in Arizona, Nevada and Florida.

Couple that report with the fact that the recent census report  indicates
consumer spending, in April, slowed to a trickle.

Another report indicated that the US is getting older; the median age of
America is now almost 38 years old. In addition, more people are choosing
to rent, than buy.  In 1990 69% of Americans owned their own home, today
that number is just 63%.

And if that isn't enough to get you thinking, consider the fact that just
48% of American households are married households and less than 25% are
married households with children.

Not good news at all.

So what's a bowling proprietor to do?

First, recognize that it will be harder to pry discretionary dollars from
the consumers hands, simply because there are fewer discretionary dollars
out there (and more gasoline dollars in there) as well as a genuine anxiety
about spending in any way shape or form.

In order to get the consumer to consider bowling as a GREAT VALUE, you need
to make your offer a great value and then promote it, communicate it, and
advertise it as hard as you possibly can to your best prospects.

And your best prospects are your EXISTING customers.

Some of the value specials to consider are:

   1. One price food, bowling and beverage pricing.
   2. Bounce backs to come back and visit you for yet another deal.
   3. Short season 2 game leagues (8 to 10 weeks) for $8 or $10 bucks.
   4. Gasoline incentives; buy the customer a gift card for $25 of gasoline
      when they spend $50with you or put $50 of bowling on their gift card
      for $25.
   5. A short season league that gives them restaurant coupons for bowling
      each week. Check with the Kids Bowl Free people (
      who offer this incentive for $less than $5 per $25 gift certificate.
   6. Target companies for indoor (no rain out) summer parties for less
      than $10 a person (bowling and shoes and a pizza per lane...minimum 4
      on a lane.
   7. Bring a friend to cosmic bowling and your friend bowls at half price.
   8. Gear up for special events at the center; theme nights, rock bands,
      country and western bands, etc

C'mon, we have faced harder obstacles.

Now is the time to get creative and live out on the edge.

And please observe OUR #1 marketing rule;  "DON'T BE BORING."

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