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35% of all people go to dinner on Valentine's Day. What a home run for the restaurant industry, the flower industry and the chocolate industry. Oh, did I forget the greeting card industry?

Now if we can just go about finding a holiday for the bowling industry. I nominate the NFL Super Bowl as the bowling industry's holiday. We could celebrate it by placing a commercial inside the game itself. And it would be worth it. Some 108 million people saw the Super Bowl this year. At a cost of $3 million per spot, that's just $3 per thousand set of eyeballs. Cheap by today's standards!

After all, we would only need one "fantasmagoric" 30 second spot and we would have a PR buzz for a week before and after that. Maybe a month.

People would talk about it. Advertising agencies and media people would look at us and discuss our strategy at their cocktail parties.

Tennis and golf people would be apoplectic. How could bowling do that?

Easy. We thought about it first.

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