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With reports of black Friday sales reaching over $11.2 billion and same
store sales for big retailers reporting a 6% to 7% increase over the same
period last year, it would seem that American consumers have woken up from
their "no spend" funk and attacked the malls with vigor.  No doubt deep
discounts and longer opening hours combined with a barrage of TV and
Internet marketing helped.

But what happened to bowling?

In the northeast and mid Atlantic proprietors reported a drop
in Thanksgiving weekend open play. The cause? 65 degree, sunny skies and to
may football games.  In the Midwest, proprietors fared the same and in the
northwest, numbers were slightly up.

Maybe we should declare our own black Friday or christen December a
"Bowling Holiday season" complete with fundraising deals, local
bowler appreciation days and special pricing on specific day parts.
Judging by black Friday, consumers seem to respond to big sales backed by
advertising and Internet communications

So what kind of  exciting offers can you put together that would get more
people to come into your center?

Here are some examples:
         Be a kid with your kid. adults pay $X.XX per two hours and kids 12
         and under pay $Y.YY per two hours
         Bowl for 2 hours from December 22 to December 31 at 4pm any time
         lanes are available and we will donate X$ to local charity Y
         Get a free pizza and 4 complimentary soft drinks when 4 or more
         people bowl for 2 hours for X$$
         Get $5 back toward future bowling anytime you and your party spend
         $50 or more

What else can you think of?
How will you promote it outside of the center?
Who will take responsibility for it?

Let me know, please.

Good luck and good hunting!

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