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A Four Year Old Can Teach Us About Marketing

I watched my grand daughter at the playground today.

First, she very carefully watched the other children to see what
activities they  were involved in before she made her decision as to what
activities she should  participate in.  Interestingly, she chose the
activity that other kids were  doing.

She made that decision based on the number of kids doing it.

Even at age four, she was aware of what was the "popular activity" and
made her "safe" decision based on that fact.

Which got me to thinking.

I probably visit 100 bowling centers a year.  Not one of them has ever
promoted bowling as the #1 "pay for play activity" in America.

Nor have I seen any signage about  " bowling, the sport that over 70
million American's enjoy".

Why is it that we don't tell our customers that they are engaging in a
"sport that millions of people enjoy".

Wouldn't that reinforce the buying decision?

Wouldn't that make them feel that they too have made a "safe" decision.

Maybe we are missing something.

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