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Groups of protesters charging their phones on the street.
Are these the new 21st century weapons?

It took 18 days of social media to bring down 32 years of a regime in

Read those words again, please. Isn't that an amazing fact.  This result,
this upheaval is somehow, at least to me, mind boggling. Especially in 18

The Egyptian protests are a new breed of social unrest with communications
fueled by social media sites like Google's  YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.
These social media sites, especially after Mubarak tried to cut them off,
instead he galvanized 80 million Egyptians to stage a revolution resulting
in his regime change.  So much for underestimating the power of social

But the communication - the words that were used- to inspire the people
were chosen carefully, passionately and with serious thought.  One of
Google's Egyptian executives, Wael Ghonim, who was held prisoner for 10
days said, "I said one year ago that the Internet will change the political
scene in Egypt and some Friends made fun of me",  Mr. Ghonim wrote these
words on his personal Facebook profile for friends after two days of
swelling protests in Cairo. The next day, Jan. 28, he disappeared.

When released, Mr. Ghonim said, "We must be concerned with the words we
use...they can stir passion, fear, trust, hope, greed, and either peace or
civil unrest."

This concern for choosing the right words, especially in the social media
world cannot be emphasized too strongly; it is crucial to achieving what
you want the customer to know about your products.

So in the world of social media marketing for your center, choose your words
carefully. Very carefully.

You can say "I am here" or you can say "Here I am."  Both phrases indicate
that you are at a certain place, but which one announces your presence the

If you chose "Here I am", you're getting it.

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