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A 97-year-old woman buys a sofa from Jennifer Convertibles in March. In April, the wrong sofa is delivered. Not only isn't it what she wants, but one of the cushions is two shades lighter than the others.

It is now August. She and several of her friends have called the company and gotten the proverbial runaround. In fact, her attempts have turned into marathon phone-a-thons where she was transferred from one person to the next, put on hold interminably and told, “Someone will get back to you.”

Of course, nobody did.

So now I am getting a "go" at Jennifer Convertibles. I want them to see the e-power of the Internet and to see how negative messaging will be spread to every person in my email club as well as people in my members’ clubs and to my Facebook friends and their friends.

Please email this to Jennifer Convertibles. The President’s name is Rami Abada. Contact: Jennifer Convertibles at 419 Crossways Park Dr., Woodbury NY 11797

Of course they have filed for voluntary bankruptcy so let's email them at Why wouldn't a company who treats customers this way file for bankruptcy?

Or sign your name at the bottom and send it off to the email above. Ask the company to call Fred Kaplowitz @ 516-359-4874.

Now, could this be happening to you? Yes indeed!

The bowling experience isn’t quite as expensive as a full sofa, but a corporate party could be even more expensive and the opportunities for a “bad experience” very real.

Accept no substitutes. Guarantee your service with “money-back guarantees.” Oh sure, some people will beat you, but overall what do you think the result of that statement would be? It would mean more business because you have credibility.

“Excuse me sir, would you and your daughter like to join our Saturday adult child league? Try it for one week and if you’re not happy we will give you your money back." Why wouldn’t someone who was on the fence at least consider this offer? And isn’t getting them to show up and try our universally recognized and enjoyed product always the first step in the buying continuum?

Unlike Jennifer Convertibles, who cannot resolve a four-month-old problem with my mother-in-law, offering and standing by your guarantees makes good business sense.

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