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There were 3,000,000 advertised jobs in June and according to the U.S.
Office of Management and Budget,  4.7 people were  available for each job

Quick math tells me that is about 15 million unemployed people.

They are in our cities, towns and villages..

We frequently talk about adapting to change and rising from it.
After all, change is supposed to make us better, isn't it?

So what are we doing to help change these folks lives?
Or maybe help to  change just one person's life or one family's lives?

Why not volunteer our centers as a job fair site...every other Monday night
or so?

Let's encourage business people we know to schedule job notices in our

We'll feel better because we are doing something positive and the community
will look up to us.

And our businesses will become even more respected than they already are.

From little acorns mighty chestnut trees grow.

Good luck and good hunting.

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