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The Bronx Bombers, the NY Yankees bit the dust tonight and lost four
straight games to the Detroit Tigers in the American league Championship
Series. Did they lose because they missed some opportunities to score or
were they just unable to execute?  If you say it is a little of both,
that doesn't really answer the question.

(Embedded image moved to file: pic30221.jpg)What would you say about your
business?  Did you miss the opportunities or did you not execute in a
timely fashion?

Oh sure the idea was there. Probably, dozens of them. Probably, good ones
too.  But did you guys execute flawlessly?

Great ideas followed by flawless execution with everyone on your team
understanding his roles and everyone understanding what is expected from
him without you changing the rules all the time is mandatory. So is
discipline. And neatness counts.

‘Cause that’s what it takes today.  You’re not going to compete with “A+
businesses” in your entertainment niche with “C” and “D” execution.

So here’s a great idea for Friday nights and Saturday nights.  It won't be
not easy. It won't be an instant hit and it will cost you money. Still want
to read this?

Your rock n bowl, cosmic bowl, galaxy bowling – whatever you call it has
been dying for 3 to 5 years. I don’t care how many new whiz bang gadgets
you put in, the same people who first saw it when they were 13 and 14 years
old are now 21 years old or older. It is boring, boring, boring. Trust me,
I have interviewed kids that "USTABEE GLOW BOWLERS" and they are just tired
of it...and a little jaded. No change that, allot jaded!

Evolve one of these nights into a “Club Night.”  Go get some bands, popular
ones. Set up a stage – hey I hear great things about Murray’s Profit
Platform – over the lanes and do your best to transform ONE of these nights
into a “Club Experience.”  A dynamite club experience. A club experience
that really rocks.  An experience YOU created that was the best thing, so
to speak,  you ever did. At least in the last couple of years.

Here’s the deal.

Charge $20 at 9 pm or whenever you start it. The $20 entitles them to stand
around or sit in chairs or bowl.  They can watch YOUR concert or Bowl. It
cost the same $20 bucks. And don’t worry about charging extra for the
shoes. It’s just $20 bucks.  Make it up by having wait staff service - cool
wait staff service dressed all in black - along with great food and drink.

Can you get your staff to buy into it and make it cool? Can the young
people on your staff design what the music should be and who it would
attract? Can you create a "brand" that competes with APPLE for coolness?
Can you find great bands that you will pay$5 out of the $20? Can you make a
commitment to do a full scale digital campaign and maybe use some
traditional media as well?

Or is it just another great idea?

You can always call me at 516 359 4874 to chat about this. Always happy to

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